The Reason For Teens Being Terrible

People usually introspect the behavior of teenagers and not able to find out why they act so indifferent to the counterparts of other age groups. The scientists have finally come up with the reason. They have supported that its brain disconnect that causes emotional cries and rash behavior from the teenagers.

The limbic system is responsible for the controlling of our emotions and behavior. The behavior of the limbic system in the case of teenagers is totally different to that of the other age group people.

A lot of parents are usually seen complaining about the behavior of their teenage children. Teenagers are expected to make bad choices always and the scientists have finally found out the reason as to why they behave so. This behavior is not seen in case of the adults. Their brains work entirely different than that of the teenagers.  The team of Duke University expressed that when a person makes snap decision, it means they are going with their instinct rather than thinking about it a lot. The intuitive feeling comes from the limbic system; this part of the brain is responsible for the emotion, behavior and motivation in the person’s personality.

The Reason For Teens Being Terrible

Around the adolescent age, limbic system does not communicate in the same way with rest of the brain as it does during the adulthood years. This is the reason why many adults are prone to risky behaviors than not. Adolescent age is the one in which teens are most prone to changing their minds and the peer influence plays an important role here. This has been corroborated by Kevin LaBar, who is placed as a professor in the Duke Center for Cognitive NeuroScience. The adults always go by logics and their relationships with people are more based on thinking rather than going by instincts.

The new study that appeared in the March 2014 edition of the social cognitive and affective Neuroscience has examined the variations in the behavior of teenage girls aging from 10 to 20. LaBar has said that the boys were not involved in the research because their maturity growth is considered to be slower than that of women. The participants were seen to have an enhanced limbic system and their brains were disconnected for receiving a proper response. This was a shocking discovery by the team. Such disconnect is responsible for processing untrustworthiness among the teenagers in so many weird and different ways.

In the brain of the teenage child, there are elements that control how regions talk to each other and how they lead the person to difference in the behaviors.  In all the ages, the right amygdala pointed escalated levels of activity while they were confronted with an unpleasant and untrustworthy face. The response for untrustworthiness was heightened among the girls aged 13-15 years. The reason is simple because the girls at this age are more sensitive to trustworthiness. However, the reason for the same has not been craved out as yet. It may be because of the post pubertal hormone change that causes such impact on their brain or maybe they consider themselves to be under a scanner from the society at this point of time. We hope that the studies will help the experts to bring out a solution for the same and implement in the teenagers.

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