The Pregnancy Facts That Will Make You Bite Your Nails

Did you ever imagine that the baby existing in your embryo can taste the food that you are consuming? Did you ever think that men also need to calm their stress during the pregnancy period? All these revelations will not only surprise you but also provide you with useful info that you may need before the delivery of a healthy baby.

The stress that creeps inside the mind of a male can affect the quality of sperms that he is ejaculating. The concentration, appearance and other characters of the sperm go for a bounce. These results have been found out after studying 193 men in the University of Colombia.

The Pregnancy Facts That Will Make You Bite Your Nails

The men who had already faced two of the most stressful incidents in their life; for example death of their loved person, did not ejaculate the best quality sperm as seen in the other cases. The men who did not have a job also gave a bad quality of sperm. The stress of being unemployed creeps up in their mind and adversely affects the quality of sperm that they ejaculate. On the other hand, the men who were employed did not seem to affect the quality of their sperm with just the work stress.

There are a few more surprises related to pregnancy in our bag. Here are they:

1. The pregnancy symptoms are not just for women alone:

The heading may sound absurd but it is real to it’s very within. Half a men experience some symptoms for pregnancy along with their partner. The symptoms of Couvade Syndrome are very common among males. However, most of the physicians argue on this point. The major symptoms experienced by males are “loss of appetite, toothache, nausea, sickness and anxiety” to name a few. There is a definite explanation to the same. The growing levels of the hormone namely prolactin, is associated with breastfeeding.

Now you would be thinking, how can a breastfeeding hormone associate with fathers in general? Men are not used to manufacture prolactin to trigger lactation but this may happen along with other medical conditions such as tumors and they definitely result in the man milk production. This can improve the relation a father has with their child as they can interact with the child in a much better manner.

2. The babies in the embryo can taste the food that mom eats:

When a woman eats something with garlic, its taste transfers to the blood and goes to the breast milk via the same route. It also reaches the amniotic fluid and the babies can easily breathe this fluid. While being in the embryo, the babies have a few receptors at the back of their noses. This helps them realize the taste of the food that their mum is eating.

3. Pregnancy changes the brain of a woman:

Have you ever heard of momnesia? It is usually known as a disease related with forgetfulness. It is a common symptom in women while they are pregnant. Pregnancy also induces a lot more changes in the brain of a woman. During the latter part of the pregnancy, the brain of a woman shrinks and in a matter of six months after birth of the child, it comes back to normal. There is no exact explanation about the shrinkage of the brain but it can be related to the physical manifestation of reorganization of the structure of the body of a pregnant woman.

Some behavioral changes are also experienced in case of the pregnant ladies. They can get pumped with a joyous facial expression or frown on a feared expression. The women become more sensitive in general during their pregnancy time.

4. The unborn babies can easily predict the mood of their mum:

This is the most cute part of all. A study that was done recently has concluded that the fetuses of women who were watching a sad move moved and showed their emotions while being inside. The unborn babies share the emotions of their mother and let her know how they understand the mood of their mother.

5. The cells of your baby stay intact even after birth:

It is a fact that the cells of the baby stay inside the mother even after the birth. The fetal cells that circulate in your blood during the pregnancy time, can stay inside of you even after the birth of the child. However, the women who suffer from breast cancer and other diseases are supposed to carry a fewer cells than other women.

All the facts that mentioned here are true and most of the people are unaware about it. We hope that knowing all these facts about pregnancy, you would not only be alert during pregnancy but also enjoy this period to the maximum.

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