The New IOS 7 Features You Need to Know

Apple has been going strong even after the demise of its visionary, Mr. Steve Jobs. With the introduction of its new devices, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, Apple is already riding high on popularity and it is the high time for them to introduce IOS 7 to the world. This new update has been unveiled by the iPhone manufacturer on this Tuesday. According to the CEO of Apple, IOS 7 is certainly the best change to IOS that’s ever been made. Here are some of the crucial features of the very new IOS 7 that the user needs to know:


1. The Changes in Camera:

Instagram has been very popular because of its filtering feature; the same feature has been introduced by Apple in its new IOS 7. The picture quality and clarity will enhance double fold with the introduction of IOS 7. It will enable the user to exploit the panoramic view and allow widescreen photos to be captured. The pictures will now be organized according to date, location or label. The auto focus feature will also be available to the user; using which he can auto focus the picture by holding on to the volume button.  The image can be focused with the use of fingers. IOS 7 will certainly offer a whole new experience of picture snapping to the iPhone users.

The Changes in Camera

2. Control Center:

The users will be able to save a substantial time they used to waste on navigating through settings and then adjust the Wi-Fi, screen brightness, airplane mode and other tools. This is a bargain scratch and will save a lot of time for the users that could be employed in some other productive work. This central control center will be accessed by the user through any screen. Even though the screen is locked, the user is able to access the control center.

Control Center

3. A snazzy makeover:

This version of IOS 7 is extremely different and more advanced to the other versions of operating systems existing in the Apple hall of fame. It has got a very flat interface. Such an interface is user friendly and is very soothe for the eyes. The excessive decoration on the OS has been flayed away keeping this IOS version simple but very engaging. The approach of Apple in this perspective is such that the matter is more important than the design.

A snazzy makeover

4. Store the password:

IOS 7 will enable the user to save the password and debit card numbers in iCloud so that whenever the user makes a purchase, these details automatically appear on the screen, saving a big amount of time the user would have otherwise spent in searching for the details. Since, the M-Commerce is growing magnanimously; there is a need for such a facility.

A snazzy makeover

5. AirDrop:

The major drawback that was experienced by the Apple users lately was the inability of them to share photos and videos. However, the older IOS version enabled the user to send such files as attachments in email. This is one string that has been worked upon by Apple and now the IOS 7 users will be able to share data and media with the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


6. iTunes Radio:

If Pandora has to be competed, there is no other better contender than the radio service available on IOS 7. The radio stations can be streamed through iPhones and iPods.  The Apple will also memorize the preference of the users based on genre, artists, favorite songs, etc so that they can automatically play it according to the likeliness of the user when he plays the radio.

IOS 7 Features

7. Sensors for fingerprint:

The user’s fingerprint can be recognized in IOS 7. The user can give the identity recognition on the home screen. This will enhance the security of the iPhone. This service can be accompanied with password to make it easier and flexible for the user to work on it.  It is a very good service for the businessmen who like to keep their data confidential.

Sensors for fingerprint


Many experts consider this IOS 7 version to be the strongest and the most reliable versions of the Apple OS so far and the features of this magnanimous OS prove the same.

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