The Many Reasons Why Having Kids Is Terrible Thing

Kids are undoubtedly the generation pushers and are responsible for taking your family name ahead. Many people wish to have children at an early age as they are fond of kids. However, there are a few limitations with having children. Here are some of the reasons why having kids is a terrible thing:

1. Giving birth to the child is a nightmare for the woman:

The process of child birth is quite painful for the woman. Imagine pushing out a grapefruit from the v@gina. The child birth takes hours sometimes and it’s very hard to ignore the pain and trouble that a woman goes through while operation.

Giving birth to the child is a nightmare for the woman
2. Changing the diapers:

This is the most difficult part when it comes to care taking of children. With children, comes the responsibility of changing their diapers and washing them. It sounds easy but believe it or not, it is very difficult when it comes to the real grounds. Changing the diapers of children is another reason why having kids is a terrible thing.

Changing the diapers
3. Sleepless nights:

Children in their early age do not have a proper sleeping schedule. They can wake up crying at 2 am in the night or even later. They possess a shrieking cry voice that may be annoying for most of the parents. Naturally, if the child does not sleep, it’s almost impossible for the parents to sleep as well. Thus, if you have a child, forget about peaceful sleep nights.

Sleepless nights
4. Changed relationship between the partners:

After the birth of a child, there is an ample of responsibilities that the person should keep in mind. Hence, it impacts the relationship between the partners. The closeness between them vanishes after the birth of a child. The reason is simple, woman has to devote all her time, care and attention to the child and it leads to a disconnection between the couple and their romantics also suffer.

Changed relationship between the partners
5. Less time to travel:

After the child birth, it’s almost impossible to travel at least for 1 year. Taking care of a child is a demanding task and requires full time effort from the parents. In such a heist, it’s almost impossible for the couple to plan a travel. Even if they resort to have a short trip somewhere, they cannot roam around freely at that place and always have to keep in mind the requirements of the child and his comfort.

Less time to travel
6. It is expensive to raise a child:

Raising a child is not everyone’s cup of tea. Apart from being emotionally and physically demanding for the parents, it also demands some financial aids. There is a range of expense that a person goes through while raising a child. These expenses are the medicines, doctor consultation, diapers, clothing, education, etc. Hence, before planning a child, the couple must make sure they are ready to spend a fortune in raising the child in the best conditions.

It is expensive to raise a child
7. Burden of responsibility:

Responsibility is synonymous to raising a child. It is the duty of parents to provide the best education to the child and fulfill all their requirements. These requirements range from being emotional to being financial. Hence, the parents must be mentally prepared for such a huge challenge in their life. A responsibility is bestowed upon them with the birth of a child that carries on for all their life. The carefree life is a far cry after giving birth to the child. Therefore, being burdened by the sense of responsibility is another very major factor why having kids is a terrible thing for a couple.

Burden of responsibility

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