On Wednesday, Apple released another arrow from its bag that is planning to hit the fans very smoothly at the market. A minor update for iOS 7 has been issued which will fix the network problems for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c users. These updates have been issued for the users of iPhones in China. There were rumors in the market regarding such an announcement but it is just recent that such update has been received after the launch of iPhone on China Mobile.

The speculators are trying to find the similarities between the launch of iPhone for China Mobile and the issuance of the update. However, this update will be working on selected networks only and not every network. Since November, there had been no update on the iOS platform and it has marked one of the first updates in this series and there is a huge buzz concerning it in the market.

The iOS 7.0.5 Update Launched by Apple for iPhone

Here is the list of all the iPhone devices that are expected to receive a similar update for their device.

iPhone 5s

A1457 (UK/Europe)

A1528 (China)

A1530 (Asia Pacific)

iPhone 5c

A1507 (UK/Europe)

A1526 (China)

A1529 (Asia Pacific)

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