The Insane Ideas For The Look Of Futuristic SmartPhones

The world is evolving over the time and the way phones were made 10 years ago is a past case now. It is the very nature of the world and it keeps evolving with time. If you are wondering about the futuristic phones, then be assured that they would not look any similar to the iPhones we use at the moment. Today’s smartphones are rectangular and they look very similar to each other.

The brainstorming for the design of the futuristic phones has started and designers are coming up with some incredibly different designs. These designs completely differ from the current crop of smartphones.  We have thus, picked up some of the craziest smartphone designs that could surface in the market any soon. All these designs are made considering the future of smartphones. The features embedded in these phones will also reflect the futuristic approach of the phones.

1. Philips Fluid:

Smartwatch is making rounds in the market currently and it has been anticipated as one of the highest selling gadget of the year. However, most of the smartwatches are part of the companionship with smartphones hanging in your pocket.

Philips Fluid

Wouldn’t it be better if your smartwatch could be used as a smartphone or vice versa? The device concept Fluid that has been given by the Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata gives a feel of the bracelets from the 90’s. This gadget would definitely serve to be the game changer in the market and we are very sure about these credentials.

With the help of the Fluid design ssmartphone, you will be able to make calls, play video games and do a lot more on the go. This device will be wrapped on the wrist of the user and it will be easy to use.

2. Paddle:

Paddle is the Rubik’s Cube design of smartphone. It has been designed by a group of people at the Hasselt University of Belgium. The project underlines the device without specifying out its shape and design.


The best part about the design is that it is easily deformable. The smartphone will be able to be converted into a ring, a flap, twisted like a paper and much more. This  is certainly the future of the smartphone designs.


The Paddle design will be great for viewing maps and making single hand phone calls. There is a huge hype associated with the announcement of this design.

3. Project Ara:

Ara is usually called as the modular smartphone. It would enable the users to change their device’s camera with a new one. The design will also allow the user to upgrade the memory of the smartphone without any hassles. New processors will also be part of the smartphone. All these upgrades will be featured with ease.

Project Ara

Ara project was started with something called as Phonebloks. This was nothing but a concept video and a request asking for support. The support was offered finally by the likes of Motorola and Google.

Project Ara

The modular smartphone concept is the future of smartphones and there is simply no doubt about it. The further info about Project Ara might roll out in a few months. Hence, keep a check on the press releases for the same.

4. Nokia Morph:

This is termed as the wild smartphone idea. The design has been developed by Nokia. It is usually referred by the experts as the result of science fiction. The design is known as Morph.

Nokia Morph

The name of the design says much on its own. The special nanotechnology will be equipped in Morph which will allow it to undergo shape shifting. Morphing sounds to be very unrealistic for smartphones but the world is keeping its pace with the technological advancements and there would be no surprises if that actually happen.


The main motive behind the making of this smartphone design is to make it so flexible that it can take up the shape of an earpiece, a tablet or even a watch. The device will also operate on solar concept and will be charged by itself. Doesn’t it sound very tempting?

The concept of Morph was released in the Press by Nokia in the year 2008, and it has been taking years of efforts to realize the dream of Morph. We cannot be sure of the exact dates when the concept will become a reality. The experts however believe that around six to seven years more will be taken in order to realize this dream design by Nokia.

5. iPhone with projection screens:

iPhone 6 has already given the insights of the design we are talking about. Its concept is slightly similar to the one we are talking about but in terms of functionality, it will totally differ from the former.

iPhone with projection screens

This design has been developed by SET solution. They have proposed this concept to Apple and it would be equipped with projectors. As many as three touchscreens can be covered while the device is placed on a flat surface. The 3D interactions of the device will remain to be one of its key features.


The projection concept is definitely a unique one and is deriving much attention for its announcement. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the design remains to be its projection feature. The idea of projection seems to be very simple but it can prove to be a game changer for Apple in the coming years and the company realizes the importance of it.

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