The Importance of Hugs in a Relationship

Hugging has been a common phenomenon that is exchanged between friends, family, lovers and sometimes colleagues too. The basic purpose behind hugging someone is to aware them about your presence in their life. You are trying to convey that you are here for them. This is certainly an important gesture that can help the person to show love and affection to his loved ones.

Hugging is actually an important element that should be frequented in a relationship too. It should not confine itself to the bedroom stories. Hugging shows the partner that you care about them, thus it should be frequented in a relationship. The more you hug your partner in a relationship, the stronger your bond gets. The general day to day life routine of a couple should be filled with a lot of exchange of hugs. This abruptly changes the way your partner sees you.

The Importance of Hugs in a Relationship

There are times when you feel lonely and feel like someone should have been there to hug you and elongate their support to you mentally. This is the time when you need your partner’s presence a lot. Imagine if in this case your partner appears from somewhere and gives you a tight hug, can you ask for anything more in life? Therefore, hugging the partner regularly is very important keeping in mind that everybody goes through a tough patch in life and they might be in the need of bug hugs.

When you partner is leaving for the office or going for some work, it is better to see them off with a kiss along with a bear hug. There is a lot of stress in a person’s life; it can be in the form of kids, work and life standing. In such cases, a hug helps the person to get over the stressful mood by a fair margin. Although, every person is different in their nature and their expectations from partner but mostly the partners are always ready for bear hugs. It is one of the best parts of a relationship that you can relish every day. For instance, when you partner comes home after a tiring and stressful office job, it is time when you have to give him a hug to make him feel home. This relieves them from all the stress going on in their mind and such efforts are always appreciated.

The Importance of Hugs in a Relationship

The best sign to convey to the partner about your belonging to them is a hug. If you hug your partner, they will surely know that you love them and are very happy to have them by your side.  Some psychologists have also debated on how important hugs are to a relationship health. Hugs can also help you to come closer physically and it breaks all the barriers created between both the people. Not only does it break the physical barriers between partners but it also unites them spiritually and emotionally.  Their subconscious mind always knows that their better half is there with them whenever there are hard times to be faced.

The whole point of being in a relationship is to completely surrender your care and affection to the partner that you chose for life. You should confide in them and also give your unconditional support whenever needed. There are times when you would need your hand to stay on their heart when the hard phase comes, it is this time when you have to stand up for them. Good times can be relished by anyone but the partner who stays with the better half in hard times is the one who is respected the most. You can show them your presence in hard times by just giving them enough hugs and elongating your support to them in this way. It can sound a little favor but in a larger sense, it matters a lot.

When you hug your partner, you don’t have to speak a lot of dear words to them, a hug can cover all the beautiful words that you want to convey to your partner. Hugging has also been proven by the medical experts that it has a psychological as well as bodily effect on us. Hugging someone can release chemicals in our body like serotonin, oxytocin and also gives a power boost to our immune system. All this can be done by a simple hug so you can imagine the importance of a “hug” in the relationship

According to the relationship experts, when you want to convey your love to someone, hugs can play a major role. There are times when hugs are more influential than even s3x. It tells the partner how much you care about them and how much they mean to you.

When you are having a conflict with your partner, it is one of the most important occasions when you must give a hug to the partner. It gives your feelings of guilt that you fought with them. It breaks all the arguments and spreads love in the air. Therefore, a hug is the doze for every disease in a relationship and hence it should be often adopted by the partners.

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