The Hands Free Kit For Bikes In Town: iPhone Case Acts As A Speaker

Technology is evolving with days to pass by, and we are seeing some brilliant discoveries in the world of gadgets. The recent one is involving the launch of a Hands Free kit for the bike goers. It will not only make it easier for them to talk while driving the bike, but also help them to check the maps and use other important navigation apps. Moreover, the iPhone case that will be mounted on the bike handle will be possessed with speaker. Hence, the user will be able to listen to music while driving the bike making it a worthwhile experience.

The Hands Free Kit For Bikes In Town: iPhone Case Acts As A Speaker

Since there is a strict ban in the US on bike riders to wear headphones and UK considering the same legal approach, a 17 year old student has come out with the idea of creating an iPhone mount on the bike. This can be set up on any bike of the given size. The most interesting part is that the iPhone case will double up as a speaker and hence, the user can listen to music on the go. A lot of important things can be done while the rider is on the go without risking the fine by Police.

The Hands Free Kit For Bikes In Town: iPhone Case Acts As A Speaker

The Hands Free kit is known in the market as Allo. It has been invented by Benji Miller who is still a teenager. The kit is equipped with two AAA batteries and the output of thee device is measured at 90 decibels. This sound is equivalent to that of a traffic horn.  It simply implies that the traffic instructions and directions can be heard by the user easily whatever the traffic or noise level is at the time. The speaker can however be turned on or off depending on the need of the hour.


When Benji Miller, the resident of Santa Monica, California and the inventor of Allo was interviewed, he stated that people driving bikes and putting on headphones illegally inspired him to create a device that would solve the purpose for many than not. He added that his main motive was for him to be able to use his smartphone well on the bike but soon the idea got popular in the market and rest is just history.

The case of the kit is manufactured with the hardened plastic in order to protect the screen of the phone in case of accidents. The kit is very adjustable and it can be mounted on simply any bike and at any angle that the user wants. Such is the ease of using Allo. It can be bought by the bikers at the price of 40 dollars from Kickstarter. However, if the proper funding is received, Miller is expecting to sell Allo at the price of 45 dollars.

It is a very unique product as Miller stated that when he looked around for the same product in the market, he was unable to find one. Allo can match any bike and can be mounted in different ways  and that is what makes Allo very special. Miller has set up the Kickstarter campaign which is finding the funding for the production of Allo. The expected raising price is 24,500 USD which is equivalent to 14,750 pounds.

The ending date of the campaign is 13 April and so far the money that has been raised accounts to 14,900 USD which is equivalent to 9000 pounds. The bikers can also buy Allo directly from kickstarter at the price of 40 USD or 24 pounds. However, if the expected funding is achieved, the price would raise up to 45 USD.

The main model of Allo would come in the while color but there would an ample of gold versions available in the market too. Miller stated that he is now working on the different models of Allo for other smartphones in the industry.

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