The Facts that Prove the Excellence of PlayStation 4

With the growing competition among the consoles in market, it has become quite evident that we are in for a great war. The war will be a long and bloody one. However, Sony is looking to take the lead with its anticipated device PlayStation 4. It has already sold 4.2 million units of this gadget when we compare to the 3 million units of Xbox One sold at the market.

The incredible specs and feature of PS4 support its performance in the market and it is something that is responsible for its performance. People are now looking for raw power in gaming and PS4 is providing them exactly that in some style. According to the reviews that have been received by the users, PS4 looks to be a big powerhouse game indeed.

The Facts that Prove the Excellence of PlayStation 4

At the video game blog “GamingBolt”, PS4 is making a huge buzz too. The games that have been launched on PS4 have not only won critical acclaim but they are loved by the audience very much. This has made PS4 dearer to the gamers. Outlast is another game on PS4 that is making a huge noise in the market. It will run at the speed of 60 fps like the PC version of it. It will be full HD game with optimum features.

When Morin, who is a gaming giant, was interviewed about his experience of using PS4, he stated that no problems were faced by him while using the console. The processor of PS4 is not equivalent to the PC variants but gaming in this console is one hell of a thrill ride. The amount of RAM that is used in the game also helps the gamers. We will have to wait and see how 2014 fares PS4 in the market.

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