The down to earth Harry Potter fame, Emma Watson talks about her upcoming flick

Emma Watson is undoubtedly the most popular young actress in Hollywood if the current trends are to be considered. She hit to fame with the harry potter series where she played a very beautiful and sensible character of Hermoine. She is known to stay away from the limelight and keeps herself to the simplest norms of being a celebrity. She has been offered several roles after the success of Harry Potter series but after the completion of 2011 harry potter film, deathly hallows part-2, she decided to take up a degree in English Literature. She is extremely serious about her studies and feels that education is something that cannot be subdued because of anything else in the world. She is an acclaimed actress who is known for living a life like her own character of hermoine in the movie, harry potter. The simplicity of this actress is generally a talking subject for most of the celeb reporters.

Emma Watson

Recently she signed a movie “Bling Ring”. It is based on a real story of a bunch of teenage girls who steal luxury fashion items from the house of Hollywood celebs. The real incident shook most of the Hollywood celebs as they found the valuables being stolen. In this rampage, around 2 million USD worth of luxury items had been stolen.  Emma Watts is playing the lead character in the movie. She has been selected due to the extra-ordinary acting skills she possesses along with the teenage charm on her face which might work as the USP of the movie. The 23 year old Harry Potter fame is very excited for the movie. When she was confronted, she seemed to be in awe of the director of the movie and said working with the director of Bling Ring was a fruitful experience.


Bling Ring is shot at the expensive houses of well-known Hollywood celebs. One of them is the house of the well known socialite Paris Hilton. Paris is having the reputation of possessing very expensive designer costumes that she sports while making public appearances. When Emma Watts was asked about the experience of shooting at Paris Hilton’s mansion, she recollected that the wardrobe of Paris was always equipped with an ample of clothes; some of them were not even tried. She had them because of the likeliness and not caring about wearing them at all. Emma was seen condemning such behavior and departed herself from such behavior by saying that it’s a kleptomanian form of consumerism. She also pointed on the fact that it is a serious issue and must be resolved in order to get the human behavior in order. After Emma dispersed this comment on Paris Hilton, there has been a huge roar in the industry; however Paris was unavailable for any comment.

Emma Watson Bling RingEmma Watson Bling Ring

The personality of Miss Watts is totally opposite to Paris Hilton as she maintains a very low profile even at public appearances. Emma is riding high on success and is expected to possess a wealth count of 25 million USD, but she stays down to earth. The gravity of her simplicity can be adjudged by the fact that she keeps only a pair of 8 shoes in her wardrobe. She is revolutionizing and simplifying the definition of celebrity in the modern era. Not many celebs are seen maintaining such low profile. Emma is often criticized for not showing off her stardom by wearing expensive designer clothes but Emma is seen saying that a person should be judged by his/her qualities and not on clothes.

Emma keeps the right balance between her work and studies and is very proud of it. According to her, education completes a person and despite having a big success, she cannot give away studies as they will create a base for her life. Truly speaking, she is an actress that sets up an example for the young celebs.

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