The pictures of the fastest bicycle in the world are making rounds on the internet. This bicycle looks like a bizarre capsule but it is indeed a bicycle that will be powered with pedaling. The bicycle has been manufactured by the Liverpool University students. They are expecting the capsule Bicycle to cross the 133.7 kph record in the next year event.

The bike is made up with the carbon fiber shell and the rider will have to be in the horizontal position while riding it. The position of the rider will be inches close to the ground and the built of the capsule like bike will cut off all the resistant air and hence provide the bike with more speed. The bike will be only a few inches above the ground. According to the reports, it is said to be 40 times more aerodynamic compared to the likes of Bugatti Veyron and possesses the top speed of 90 mph (145 kph). The power generated by the bike is so that it can easily lit up an ordinary home.

The Bizarre Capsule Bicycle Arion 1 Features In The Industry

The bike is totally pedal powered and is cased in the aerodynamic carbon fiber shell-like body. The bike is known as Arion 1 Velocipede and the design responsibility of the bike has been taken up by a team of engineering students from the UK who have established the belief that the bike will be the fastest human powered vehicle that has ever surfaced in the world.

It is queer why the students chose this enclosed design for a bike as looks of it are very unusual and bizarre. The reason was given by one of the students stating that the design will give an aerodynamic edge to the vehicle and because of it, the bike can reach up to 145 kph mark in terms of speed. The current record for top speed remains with TU Delft and VU Amsterdam Universities that manufactured a bike which reached 133.7 kph mark. Arion 1 is expected to be ready before the race in May 2015. At this race, the developers of the bike are expecting to break the record set by TU Delft and VU Amsterdam Universities in terms of speed of vehicle. World Human power speed challenge will be the recipient of all the aspirants showcasing the speed and their lucrative designs of vehicles.

The Bizarre Capsule Bicycle Arion 1 Features In The Industry

The team leader of the bike developers, Ben Hogan has reported to MailOnline that the bike is not a usual one that you would see running up and down the hill on streets. It is positioned very low, almost touching the ground and the capsule like structure of the bike is also very uncommon. The style of this type of cycling is called “recumbent” cycling.

The bike will be completely made of the lightweight carbon fiber body capsule, which will provide the right shape for the vehicle to take off and “fly on the road” effectively. The aerodynamic behavior of the vehicle is improved by the shape of it, since air resistance poses the biggest threat when it comes to gaining speed. The design of the bike employ the same concept as that found in the aircraft wings possessing a “teardrop” shape. This helps to cut the air very easily and provides the vehicle with a better speed. The front zone of the bike is kept very small while the seating of the rider is kept in the “I” position and it lies as close to the ground as possible. This minimizes the further possible air resistance.

The Bizarre Capsule Bicycle Arion 1 Features In The Industry

The distance between the rider and the floor will be only five inches and the human will have to get 700 watts of power in order to reach the optimum speed in the vehicle. There are no carbon emissions recorded from this vehicle and its weight is measured at 55lbs; making it 98.4 percent efficient and enabling it to fly faster than the current bikes present in the market.

This is the time to get over Bugatti. When compared to Bugatti, Arion 1 is 40 times more aerodynamic than it. The top speed is measured at 90 mph by the bike which is phenomenal. The head of Institution off Mechanical Engineers, Philippa Oldham stated that in order to make sure the vehicle reaches the top speed, they will have to make everything perfect and in order, right from the wheels to the body of the vehicle. It is not a rocket science to take a human powered vehicle to speeds as high as 90 mph and hence the right engineering approach along with some incredible efforts will only lead them to achieve these targets. She also added that the bike will need to house the rider too, and the transmission system should be powerful enough to take the vehicle to the intended speeds in order to take over the world record.  However, as reported by Hogan, the Arion 1 team is in a very good position at the moment and seeking support of the experts whenever required.

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