The Best Reasons Why Cricket Is Better Than Football

Cricket or Football ?

Cricket is certainly a religion in India and all Indian cricketers are like God. Whenever, India play World Cup tournament, cricket fans conduct puja, yagya and donate money to plead divine assist Indian team in their victory. People in India are just crazy about cricket because the adventure, excitement and amusement which they feel like watching this game is not at all available anywhere else.

Cricket Is Better Than Football
There are numerous people who only like to watch the last 10 overs of one day matches as that time, cricket becomes the game of fun, thrill and excitement while on the other hand, many people like to watch from the very first ball till the last one. Everyone has their own choice, but cricket is there favorite sport other than football, hockey or any other game. People do watch these football and hockey matches too as an ideal time pass means but when comes to cricket, they can not do any compromise.

People feel cricket not only a game, but they feel it a stepping stone do something greater or larger. Nowadays, the popularity of this game is increasing with every passing day, and since past few years, it is now no more remaining a game for kids or adolescence but is highly popular among adults and even the older people and all this because of fun, thrill and excitement equipped in this game, Cricket matches do have capacity do attract n number of people toward stadiums. This can also be done by other games, as well but when it comes to Cricket, people do not want to listen anything else.


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