The Best Of Dean's Expressions And Hilarious Reactions (Dean Winchester From Supernatural)

Dean Winchester is the fictional character from Supernatural. Well, he doesn’t need any introduction; everyone knows him and just adores him. Dean is portrayed by Jensen Ross Ackles. In the show Supernatural, Dean’s job is to hunt supernatural like demons, spirits, vampires & so on. Though this description might give off the vibes of a horror story with grim and terrifying encounters, Supernatural isn’t all that terrifying or grim. Instead, Supernatural has a nice dose of comedy to go with its horror. And most of this comedy is enacted by Dean. Aside from the comedy in the plot, Dean’s expressions and hilarious reactions add all the more fun to the show.

Dean has his own fan base who are die hard admirers of him. Dean’s great personality and handsome looks is a killer combo. As already mentioned, his actions are pretty funny and adorable. Here’s a collection of some of the best faces he ever made.

Let’s start with his…how to put it….

Dean makes a ridiculously hilarious face

Dean makes a ridiculously hilarious face

Dean makes a ridiculously hilarious face when he wants to get something across. Above pictures are collected from various internet sources. The squirrel-Dean picture rocks; the look Dean gives to Sam is priceless. Just his acting is enough to make you burst into giggles.

Dean's comic face

Next is the angry Dean. Well, he still looks adorable when he gets angry. But when is super angry, then its better you don’t get on his wrong side.

Dean's Expressions And Hilarious Reactions

If looks could kill, Dean would have toasted lot many demons before they had a chance to even zap themselves out of there. Well, quite the scary look that conveys he’s not to be messed with. Period.

Dean's Expressions And Hilarious Reactions
Dean’s serious expressions are a riot, being a mix between of ‘sort of angry’ and ‘don’t tell me’.  Next are Dean’s serious and contemplating expressions  His expressions are like reading his mind, so great Is his acting.

The part where he sticks his tongue out is cute.

The Best Of Dean

The sad Dean is next.

The sad Dean

That’s one heart breaking expression. Guaranteed to touch everyone’s heart. Dean can surely convey his feelings pretty well. Even the sad ones. With a dash of tears too.

Scared Dean is right up.

Scared Dean

Dean's freaky look

The last one is one freaky look and I’m sure the look itself would either scare someone off or make them burst off into peals of laughter. At some point, he does seem to look as if in constipation.

Next is the laughing Dean and he looks really good doing so. This looks portrays the best of him and wow, Dean is REALLY good looking.

laughing Dean

 This last one again is a riot. Who laughs like that. Reminds me of the squirrel again.

All the different expressions that Dean made were epic. Not to mention, he’s quite a versatile actor, able to pull up any emotion on his face and convey it fully. Not one of the looks above seems repeated or redundant. Dean’s actor Jensen is pretty much able to portray Dean in the best possible manner, better than anyone ever could. Thanks to his terrific acting, Dean has many dedicated fans. And Supernatural is a great series showcasing the best of Jensen.
And not to forget the last of Dean’s awesomeness, the ‘Eye of the Tiger’!

Eye of the Tiger

This is an extra from Supernatural, where Jensen’s co-actor Jared plays a prank on him. And the result is this great Dean moment! The entire video od Dean performing ‘The Eye of the Tiger’ can be seen on youtube.


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