The best and safe workouts during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most delicate phase for a woman in her life. The right set of precautions and care needs to be taken during this phase in order to make sure a healthy delivery of the baby.  In a research done by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, it has been proved that an exercise session of 30 minutes or more can prove to be very good for a pregnant woman. A proper workout must be the priority of any pregnant women in order to stay healthy. Before beginning with any exercise, it’s very important to know the basics about workouts and to understand which workout is better for a pregnant woman. It aids to the healthy pregnancy period of the women.

workouts for pregnant women

Here are some of the best and safe workouts during pregnancy:


Swimming is regarded to be the best workout when it comes to women pregnancy. There are an ample of reasons to support this fact. Firstly, swimming is a recreational activity and it entertains most of the people. The swimming workouts are extremely effective. Swimming is a sport which is taken as leisure activity by most of the people which adds to the beauty of this workout type. Another major reason for the selection of this workout is that it’s extremely safe because it does not impact the joints and ligaments much. Hence, there are no aches for the pregnant women. If the pregnant women are in the healthy phase, they should keep swimming until the date of delivery.


Walking is a perfect workout for a pregnant woman, as it does not require huge efforts and yet it is so effective. Walking is good for endorphins as it keeps them flowing. For performing this workout, no Gym or health center membership is needed; therefore it is a cost-effective workout. Many doctors suggest that walking is the best exercise that a woman can undergo during the pregnancy phase. A 45 minute walk per day is considered to be very healthy for the pregnant women. It does not require pulling of heavy weights, or extreme workout, therefore it is a very safe workout for women during pregnancy.

Zumba, Dancing and Aerobics:

Zumba has been the most apt dance workout in all the sectors right now. It is a great cardiovascular exercise for the pregnant women. Apart from getting the body in shape, it also keeps the heart and lungs strong, which is quite effective during pregnancy. The movements in this dance are swift which eliminates the possibility of developing an injury due to impossible twists and turns. Without any doubts, Zumba is one of the best workouts during pregnancy. A low intensity workout is the best resort for a pregnant woman and thus, Zumba must be included in the timeline in order to stay healthy during the pregnant phase.

 Parental Yoga:

Yoga has emerged out to be a popular exercise in the modern era. It hails the roots from India and has been practiced worldwide at the moment. Parental Yoga is a branch of Ayurvedic Yoga. It is about lower back stretching and relieves the person from stress. Since, Yoga is a very easy exercise, it does not cause any pain or injury to the body parts of the pregnant women. Parental Yoga is good for opening up the pelvis and enhances the flexibility of hips and spine.  Parental Yoga is certainly the best exercise for the women who are expecting a baby soon.


Biking has always been perceived as the healthiest workout for a human body. It trains the lower muscles to a great effect. The best thing about this workout is that the human weight is given a proper support from the bike and it is a low intensity exercise. Therefore, it leads to good results for pregnant women. Doctors never say no for biking as long as it does not cover huge distances. However, biking in indoor arenas is much safer while being pregnant. Spinning is also recommended by some pregnancy specialists as it works the lower body out and there are less chances of strain or jerk in the body of pregnant women.


Jogging is one of the low intensity exercises that are extremely healthy for pregnant women. The speed of jogging determines the health of the runner to a great extent. When the pregnancy is in its early stages, jogging should linger around the speed of 8 km/hour. However, with the days passing by, the bump becomes bigger; in this case the speed should be reduced to 6 km/hour. If this routine is aptly followed, it leads to great results for pregnant women.

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