The Best Abs Exercises to Get Six Pack Abs within Some Weeks

Getting the muscle mass is easy but sporting the six pack abs is a highly challenging task for any body builder. It requires constant efforts and the right regime of food intake. Without the perfect combination of diet and exercise, it is simply impossible to get the six pack abs. People go for an aggressive workout in the gym but do not take essential nutrients necessary for the body shape and keep complaining about their under-developed body. However, some people develop the upper set of abdomen shape by doing rigorous exercise but getting the lower set of abs is highly difficult. It requires huge amount of patience and the right track of efforts.

Apart from exercise, getting the abs requires the right nutrition too. Without the right food selection, the exercise adopted by the person can stay purposeless. A lot of green vegetables should be incorporated in the diet and fast foods must be tactfully ignored. Once a person starts cheating on his diet, he is prone to developing fat on the wrong portions of the body. Thus, in order to make and maintain six pack abs, it’s very important to maintain a balanced and proper diet.

Train your abs 3-4 times a week:

There are a few people who believe that in order to get instantaneous results on their abdomen, they must do abs every day. However, acquiring a daily routine for doing abs can put the person in deep trouble. Every muscle of our body takes time to relax and should be given a break. Doing abs exercise in alternate days can be very productive for the builder. Excessive training may cause fatal damage to the muscles and it’s not good for a longer term. Performing the abs exercises daily can cause the abdomen to restrict itself and the probability of getting six pack abs gets even lower. The best frequency for doing the abdominal exercise is 3-4 times a week. It gives a proper time for them muscles to relax as well as it mounts a perfect rhythm for the body to train.

Train your abs 3-4 times a week

Abs are the most difficult part of the body to shape up. Most of the people perform wrong exercise and often find themselves in trouble. Getting to know the right effective exercise for the same is heavily important. Here are some of the best abs exercises to get six pack abs within some weeks:

1. Plank exercise:

The best exercise for getting six pack abs in a few weeks is doing planks. For doing this exercise, the person has to get into the plank position with his weight on the forearms. He can count until 20 in the beginning and keep continuing it for 5 times. However, the count can be increased later with time. The plank exercise is considered quite suitable for the six pack aspirers because it works the shoulders, chest, abs and hips of the person, all in one exercise. This exercise is a common feature in the army camps and training centers. Many Gym trainers also recommend this exercise because of its effectiveness.

Plank exercise

2. Arm Pull Over Straight Leg Crunch:

Regular crunches are old fashion now and there are few revolutionary methods of performing crunches that leave an everlasting impact on the abs. For executing Arm pull over straight leg crunch, the person needs to get hold of a pair of dumbbells. He must rest on the back while arms floating in the air behind him. The legs should be extended at a 45 degree angle and arms should be lifted. Both legs and the hands should meet at a perpendicular position to the mat. Returning back to the position is considered as one repetition. The person should perform 20 reps in one set to get the best results. This should be performed in 4 sets.

Arm Pull Over Straight Leg Crunch

3. The Matrix:

This is a new invention in the training arena. It is considered to be highly effective exercise used to work out all highs and lows of abs. To perform this exercise, the person should take a 10 pound ball and kneel on the floor with a big gap between hips and knees. The ball should be pressed very tight to the abs. The next step requires the person to lean back as far as he can. This position should be held for more than 2 seconds and the initial position should be retained thereafter. In order to get required results, the person should perform 3 sets of 20 reps each. This exercise not only works the abs and glute but also has a definite effect on the back.

matrix exercise kneel

4. Leg Raise:

Leg raise has been hailed as the most effective exercise for beginners as well as regulars. It requires the person to lie down on the floor and alternately raise his legs one by one. While doing this exercise, the head should rest on the mat and not lift up while performing the exercise. One set should have at least 20 reps and it should be done in a set of 4 in order to get the best results. Leg raise works out the lower abdominals and gets them in proper shape.

Leg Raise

5. Lift Your Weight On The Chair:

Two chairs should be held closer and the forearms should be rested on them. The person is then required to raise his legs off the floor in an up-down position. This is an extremely challenging workout for abs and effective too. It works the upper abs as well as the lower abs of the person. It should be performed with 20 reps and at least 5 sets should be performed in order to get the six pack abs in a few weeks.

Lift Your Weight On The Chair

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