The Angriest Cat in the world, Colonel Meow Takes her last breath

He was one of the most sensational stories at the internet and made a huge buzz at the social media for his stare and angry disposition. The ferocious looks of the cat earned it the title of “The angriest cat in the world”. The name of the cat was kept to be Colonel Meow because of its angry dispositions and intriguing looks.

Colonel Meow has sadly left the world on Wednesday evening leaving behind only some incredible stories to be cherished in his memory. The owner of the cat, Anne Marie Avey confirmed the news to the fans via facebook. She also stated that more news will come out from her end regarding the cat. She seemed to be very upset according to the tome used in the Facebook post.

The Angriest Cat in the world, Colonel Meow Takes her last breath

The followers of the cat were known as Meow’s Minions. The Colonel Meow had  great following on facebook and the like count of its page had reached number of 356,000. It also has 144,000 followers on Instagram.  The friend of Colonel meow, the Grumpy cat is also mourning on the death of her close buddy. The grumpy cat posted on Facebook, “Rest in Peace Colonel Meow. A grumpy day indeed”. A cozy picture of the two friends was posted by grumpy cat in the Facebook post.

Grumpy cat and colonel meow

Colonel Meow is a Himalayan-Persian breed that came into the limelight when his owner Avey kept putting pictures of the cat online. The hilarious captions that were used by his owner gained popularity and the world started calling it as Colonel Meow.

Colonel Meow registered a world record in the Guinness book of world records in August 2013 for possessing longest fur on a cat. It measured 9 inches which is an unbelievable attribute.

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