The 5 Revolutionary Pens in the World

Since the ancient civilizations, one thing that has persevered through the change of time is our need to write. From metallic stylus used in 1300 BC, quills used from 600 AD, pencils used since 1790s to fountain pens and ball pens used these days, our writing instrument has been undergoing continuous change ever since its inception.

For as far as we can remember, we have been using pens and pencils which have sort of become the staple of writing these days. There’s no longer any creativity around them, just the mundane. But some innovative minds around the world have taken it upon themselves to bring ingenuity to our writing medium again. Listed here are the results of the hard work of those few novel minds.

1. Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly:

It is a sort of rollerball pen that allows users to write with conductive silver ink. This makes creating various circuits as easy as doodling, thanks to the conductivity provided by the ink. Thanks to this, you can simply draw a circuit on your paper and ta-da you have a working circuit. Some add on circuit components to better use Circuit Scribe are also available, like switched, connectors, buttons, etc. Learning circuits couldn’t be simpler or entertaining than this.


2. Lix 3D Printer Pen:

With this pen, drawing on nothing is a possibility. You can simply start scribbling a sculpture in the air. This pen works like a small 3D printer that melts and cools plastic thereby allowing you to create “rigid freestanding structures” in the air. Surprisingly, it is light weight, weighing at just 40 grams and looks just like a regular pen.

This pen gives you the flexibility to draw anything anywhere. You can make decorative pieces, ornaments, posters, t-shirt designs and so on, limited only by your imagination.


3. Scribble:

This is another revolutionary pen that takes coloring to another level. It can take any color from the world around you and transfer it to your paper or even your smart device. Just hold the Scribble’s scanner (the end of the pen opposite to the nib) up to any color you want, for instance on a wall, a book, or a tree and within a second or 2 that color is transferred to Scribble’s internal memory. Yup, that’s right, this is a single pen capable of reproducing 16million colors single handedly! You can choose to draw on paper with the Scribble Ink Pen or even on a digital device like an iPad or android phones with the Scribble Stylus Pen. Color your world with the magic of Scribble, literally.


4. 3Doodler 2.0:

Similar to the Lix 3D pen, 3Doodler allows you to literally lift off the page and create real 3D objects, giving you the power of a 3D printer in your hand. 3Doodler community also has 3D creations and 3D designs like stencils and how-tos that are accessible to everyone. All you have to do is plus in your pen, allow it to warm up and the start doodling. 3Doodler community has made dresses, RC model planes, and architectural designs completely using the 3D pen. You get different colored plastic rods which you insert into the pen to use it.


5. Polar Pen:

POLAR is another amazing pen which is also the world’s first modular pen made and is made from MAGNETS. Because of the modularity and magnets, this ingeniously simple product will transform into unlimited possibilities. Like the other pens, this product is both fun and functional. It can even function as a stylish stylus with the cap on. Check out the video to see how this pen will transform your reality.


If you have never experienced love at first sight, I’m pretty sure these pens just made you experience that. These avant-garde ideas are unprecedented but sure to make a dent in the history of writing. Go ahead and order one and enjoy the power of future right in your hands.

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