The picture of the 3 year old boy is making rounds on the internet and the social media. It is haunting thousands of people with just one sight and the dreadful eyes of the 3 year old Syrian are unforgettable. This young boy’s last words before dying were, “I am gonna tell God everything”.

This statement is spine chilling. We cannot the trace the adversities that the boy actually faced but can feel the fear and terror that exists in the streets of Syria. Some people are in the favor of calling their president to be a killer but that is not a true story. It is certainly half true and half baked story. He is just like the other leaders of the democratic nations. He found his country engaged in war and that caused death of thousands of people. Millions of Syrians have been displaced from their localities and now residing in refugee camps.

The 3 Year Old Syrian Uttered before dying: “I will tell God everything”

However, it was not always the case in Syria. This is indeed a result of the war raged by the US, Israel and Sunni countries including the likes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Geo politics is driving the efforts of taking down the Syrian dictator al-Assad. If Syria is suppressed, there will be a strong influence of Iran in the region. It is a shame to notify that Al-Qaeda and the US government is now working on the same page while Syrian government is trying to fight the Al-Qaeda. The proxy war started by a few countries of the world is resulting into a mass destruction in Syria.

The situation has gone so much out of control that it is difficult to trace whether the chemical weapons employed in Syria were developed by the Syrian government or Al-Qaeda. It becomes hard to separate the truth out of fiction when it comes to intelligence and the geo politics arena. Syria was a very peaceful and stable country before the coveted war was being waged by some of the powerful countries against it.  This is in no way democracy.

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