The 10 Greatest Dancers of the 20th Century

Dance is the liveliest form of art. It can make a person look sensual, romantic, rude, crazy and more. There are various dance forms that dominate the world arena. These dance forms are performed with a good balance of emotions and expressions. Dance is not a cake walk and it requires passion for the art form and diligence. After years of hard work, beginners become amateur and turn into good dancers. However, there are some extraordinary dancers who seem to have come straight from the heaven. They possess dancing skills as a gift given to them by God.

Here is a list of 10 greatest dancers of the 20th century who sparked the dance art industry by their talent and charisma:

1. Michael Jackson:

When we talk about the greatest dancers of this century, this legend cannot be ignored. He took the music industry by storm upon his arrival. He was not only known for his singing skills, but also for the sharpness in his dance moves. The moonwalk that he endorsed for years became a sensation and found millions of followers. People were crazy about his dance moves and everybody tried to imitate him. Michael Jackson is often termed as the father of Dancing. This is because of his stamina when he danced in concerts. The energy with which he could dance for hours on stage was exhilarating. Without any doubts, this legend stands at the first position in our list of 10 greatest dancers for the 20th century.

Michael Jackson

2. Vaslav Nijinsky:

He was known to be the best ballet dancers of his time. Using the adjective “best” would be under-rating his talent, he was perhaps the greatest ballet dancers of all time. However, there is no evidence regarding his performances. It was not recorded in cameras and thus, it prevents us to see this great man in motion.   The leaps that he performed were great enough to defy the laws of gravity. Experts reckon that no person could ever perform the leaps that this man could. He died on April 8, 1950 leaving his legacy behind.

Vaslav Nijinsky

3. Rudolf Nureyev:

Nureyev was considered to be the best Ballet dancers of the world. His dancing skills were able enough to attract attention of his fellow dancers and thrill many ordinary people. He was born in Russia, and started learning Ballet at 20. 1970’s marked his astounding success and it gave him an opportunity to appear in films. The act of Romeo and Juliet played by Nureyev remains to be the best performances in Ballet ever till this date. He died in 1993 suffering from AIDS.

Rudolf Nureyev

4. Mikhail Baryshnikov:

He was known to be the father of ballet. Born and raised in Latvia, Mikhail was an acclaimed dancer who won many hearts by his performances. He played the leading man in many of the ballets in 1970’s. He is the most respected dancer in Latvia and considered an idol figure. The influence that he reflected on people was magnificent.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

5. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers:

They are considered to be the best dancing couple of the 20th century. They complimented each other quite well in performances where the glamour part was maintained by Fred and Ginger was responsible for providing class to the dance. Their dancing inspired many couples to turn dancers and accomplish the dreams. These dancers were certainly the best dancing pair in the world.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

6. Joaquin Cortes:

He is the youngest of the dancers we have mentioned in our list. He is remarkably good in his dancing skills. He is still on the way of meeting unparalleled success. He has emerged as a sex symbol for women because of his looks and great dance moves. He is one of the best Flamenco dancers available in the world.

Joaquin Cortes

7. Sylvie Guillem:

She is known to have defied all laws of gravity with her incredible moves. She is often considered to be the revolutionary ballet performer who has changed many alignments to ballet dancing. She is often considered as the best ballerina of all times and enjoys this legacy till date.

Sylvie Guillem

8. Gene Kelly:

He was a dancer who stood for an innovative urge in his dance style. He became a sensation in the Hollywood with the help of his incredible dance moves and popularity among the ordinary people. Artists like Usher have publicly paid a tribute to this great dancer for his contribution to Hollywood.

Gene Kelly

9. Josephine Baker:

She became popular in what is known as the Jazz age. She sang with her dancing acts and was popularly known to improvise her moves and set up a new culture of singing and dancing together. She enjoyed the celebrity tag for the long time. There was no replacement for her dancing skills.

Josephine Baker

10. Martha Graham:

She is often considered as the mother of dance. This tag has been earned by her due to the contribution in modern dancing. She was popularly known for inducing powerful expressions in her dance acts. She is simply the most adorable and one of the greatest dancers of the 20th century.

Martha Graham

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