The 10 Best TV Series You should Try Before You Die

Television is viewed worldwide by everyone, including kids and elders.  Various programs and series are broadcast on TV via various channels and networks. These series are aired with their reach exceeding millions of viewers. Movies are quite popular too, but TV series, which usually have more than 1 episode (and at times season), are extremely popular among the viewers; perhaps because there is more than one episode and this tends to hook people intrigued and eager for the ending.

The intended target age for each series is different from each other, so here we are going to be listing the top ten series targeting 18 to 40 years old. Various series across a wide genre have been analyzed and listed here. Let’s start with our tenth winner.

10. Game of Thrones :

This series plays upon the fantasy elements including medieval fantasy. It narrates the story about fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the struggles among the realm’s noble families for seizing the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones

9. Grimm :

Grimm combines few of the best genres like supernatural drama, fantasy procedural, horror and mystery together into an amazing police drama where the lead character, his friend and his partner are no hunting down ordinary criminals, but rather the dangerous ‘Wesen’, the mythological creatures of the world. This series is sort of like a younger cousin of ‘Supernatural’.


8. The Following :

An action series with thriller and drama elements intertwined, it follows former FBI while he attempts to recapture serial killer Joe who has surrounded himself with a group of like-minded individuals and turned them into a cult of fanatical killers. If you love thrillers, this is a definite must watch.

The Following

7. Grey’s Anatomy :

Based on the elements of medical drama, this series has the highest rating in the key 18–49 demographic and is one of the highest revenue earning show. It has a diverse cast and even the story line is nothing like anyone has seen before.

Grey's Anatomy

6. White Collar :

This is another police procedural TV drama series, but this time with a twist; it contains humor and comedy drama. A con artist agrees to help an FBI agent to catch other criminals provided he is released from prison. Chaos and hilarity ensues.

White Collar

5. Prison Break :

Another action series that revolves around two brothers with crime and thriller elements incorporated. One brother devises plan to help his brother, who is wrongly convicted and sentenced to death, escape prison. There are lots of stunning scenes and actions including prison breaks too.

Prison Break

4. How I Met Your Mother :

Who hasn’t heard of HIMYM? This series has the coolest cast combined with few of the most hilarious episodes ever. The comedy is slightly different than the other sitcom shows, and there’s actually a storyline in HIMYM which is being followed. It has been nominated several times and has also won many awards.

How I Met Your Mother

3. The Big Bang Theory :

This shows genre is purely comedy (or sitcom). The combination of a clueless genius, a self-proclaimed lady’s man, a aeronaut scientist who can’t talk to girls and the slightly more mature physicist along with their neighbor waitress (who has more common sense then all of them combined together) somehow provides for the best jokes and humor ever.

The Big Bang Theory

2. Arrow :

This series is based on the DC comic’s hero ‘Green Arrow’. This series surprisingly packs a good punch of superhero and mystery with lots of action & adventure. The cast is superb and fit act their roles perfectly (not to mention they are really dashing too). If you love to see a variant of ‘Batman’, then you might actually enjoy this.


1. Supernatural :

It’s clear from the series’ name itself that there must be lots of supernatural and paranormal elements to be found here. Supernatural is a horror fantasy thriller packed with action & adventure to the max. The leads are the Winchester brothers, and the story between them itself is enough to hook you onto the series, never mind the demons and angels zapping around. If you love to get spooked, or if you love mystery, or maybe some action with comedy, than you must definitely try this series out. It’s a well-rounded series guaranteed to appease to everyone.


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