Ten Reasons To Be A Non-Vegetarian

Yes, you read that right; we are talking about the advantages of eating meat & chicken, & not just sticking to the hapless vegetables. With all the campaign in support of vegetarian diets going on, people are getting confused & forgetting the importance of having non-vegetarian foods in their diet plan. True, eating non-veg might offend lots of people & there are lots of people rallying against it for various reasons, but as I already mentioned, many campaigns are already in the favor of being a vegetarian, so I’m not going to discuss the demerits of being a non-vegetarian here; I’ll leave it to the ‘vege-supporters’. For those expecting merits of being a vegetarian, than again this article is not for you. But if you want to know the disadvantages of being a vegetarian, then you have come to the right place.

https://randomstory.org/ten-reasons-to-be-a-non-vegetarian/  Ten Reasons To Be A Non-Vegetarian

So continuing with our support to all the meat lovers out there, let us remind you again why eating some meat is good for you, while at the same time expose the significance of a non-veg diet to the others.

Reason 1, Omega-3 Fatty acids.

These fats, which are found in abundance in fishes, greatly help prevent heart diseases. According to CDC, heart attack is the major cause of deaths in USA alone, with 1 death in every 4 being caused due to heart attack. Omega-3 Fatty acid is an essential fatty acid which helps lower bad cholesterol levels, preventing arteries from getting blocked by fatty deposits. Omega-3 fatty acids are also known to aid in brain development and function. No matter what vegetable substitute you take, you cannot get the required dose of Omega-3 fatty acids. Now it’s a question of improving your loved ones health; fish or heart attack?

Reason 2, Vitamin B12.

This essential vitamin is found mainly in meats, eggs, dairy products and seafood. This vitamin is unfortunately not available from plant sources (except for some sea vegetables). Vitamin B12 is useful in the production of RBCs, protection of nerve endings & digestion of nutrients in foods. The only way for non-vegetarians to get this vitamin is through supplements, but everyone knows supplements might end up causing harmful side effects.

Reason 3, proteins.

No vegetable contains a complete amino acid profile which animals do. Vegetarians can get protein in their diet by either using supplements or by eating large quantities of specific vegetables in every meal. Lack of protein includes (but is not limited to) partial wound healing, fluid build-up in extremities, loss of muscle mass and repetitive & constant fatigue. For all those aiming to build a great body, you must already be aware it is nearly impossible without getting enough proteins. And all the WWE fans must know that their favorite stars are such hunks thanks to all the non-veg diet they follow.

https://randomstory.org/ten-reasons-to-be-a-non-vegetarian/  Ten Reasons To Be A Non-Vegetarian

Reason 4, avoiding pills.

When you are eating all the meat & chicken & dairy products, along with your vegetables, then you are getting all the required nutrition for your body and your diet is full & complete, not lacking in any department. This means you don’t have to depend on pills & supplements to need your daily requirement of nutrition & minerals. I think eating non-veg is better than taking pills which can cause harmful side effects.

Reason 5, no social stigma.

All the non-vegetarians out there are usually quite broad minded & not offended just because someone happens to be a vegetarian. Plus the problem of eating at restaurants where utensils for veg & non-veg might be mixed is not a problem. Whether you attend social gathering or professional dinners, you don’t have to stress whether they will provide chicken burgers or veg burgers since you can eat them both, or worry if they were cooked on separate pans.

Reason 6, great treat for your taste buds.

Ok I know justifying eating non-veg just based on the taste is not creative, but honestly, ask anyone who eats both veg & non-veg which they like more and 90% people will say that non-veg definitely tastes way better. Also it offers lot more varieties & our range is widened too. Whoever chances upon meat once finds it hard to turn back. Not to mention, vegetables & chicken usually go really well together. And this makes eating at restaurants easy too, since we don’t have to be picky.

https://randomstory.org/ten-reasons-to-be-a-non-vegetarian/  Ten Reasons To Be A Non-Vegetarian

Reason 7, ecological aspect.

Man is part of a food chain just like any other animal. Now suppose if lions suddenly go herbivore on us, then the giraffes & zebras will face acute food shortage because lions being stronger than them will wrestle their food source away from them. Same way had cockroaches suddenly turned carnivore, then they might not have survived since the age of dinosaurs because they got choosy. If we mess with the food chain, ecological imbalance is sure to follow. We can’t afford to be picky if the fate of food chain lies on us (not completely, but partially at least).

Reason 8, omnivorous teeth.

Yea, quite common argument point by the non-vegetarians, but hey, it’s true. If we are blessed with a set of teeth capable of eating plants & meat both, then why not just use it? Just like we don’t blame wolves & snakes for gobbling down hapless little animals (rather, most of the people love to watch these carnivores hunt on NatGeo or Discovery channel), then why should we blame ourselves? If we can enjoy seeing animals do that & provide sanctuaries to protect them, then why not just try forgive our fellow non-veges out there? With this comes my next point, read on.

Reason 9, evolved logic.

Humans have a higher thinking level than any other animals (or perhaps all animals combined). People justify that we should not become barbaric by eating animals just like animals do. Yet we have national parks where all the big carnivores feed on the smaller animals. Why not train these animals to stick to a veg diet too? Sounds absurd, I know, but same way, citing evolved intelligence as a reason to not eat non-veg is silly. We are not ripping them or tearing them from limb to limb. With our higher intelligence, we should understand what is important for us, instead of engaging in guerilla warfare with each other.

Reason 10, not animal cruelty.

Just because one eats meat doesn’t mean we are supporting animal cruelty. We still hate it if animals are tortured & ill-treated. All living beings need energy to live, which can only be obtained from a living source; either plant or animals. If you want to end up dead, then it’s fine. But to continue to live, we need to consume food to get energy. The animals understand this and actively seek food. Instead of waging veg versus non-veg wars, we should just accept each other & understand that with a wide diversity comes varying beliefs. Since we need an active & alive object as our source of energy, then we are left with little choice by Mother Nature then eat plants & animals.

I could go on with ten more reasons, but I think these are enough for now. I hope the veg vs. non veg war finds peace eventually so that we can each enjoy what we like the most. Mother Nature doesn’t seem to mind what people or animals eat, neither should we. I’m not saying everyone should go wild & chomp on everything that comes their way, but neither should you clamp your mouth shut & refuse everything. A non-vegetarian diet is good for health and should not be comprised with.


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