Ten Best And Creative Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend

Proposing a woman sets up a different tone in a relationship. It elevates the level of companionship and acts as a major promise made by the male partner to the female. However, it takes a lot of courage to stand up and deliver the proposal. In order to win a woman’s heart, the person should always look for unique ways to propose her. A regular proposal technique is followed by everyone and what sets a partner apart from the others is his creativity while choosing the style of proposal. Here are some of the top 10 best and creative ways to propose your girlfriend:

Propose girl

1. Take her for a solitary boat trip and propose her with the sunset:

Yachts or boats are a perfect way to escape city bustle and find peace. When you plan to propose your girlfriend, take her to a boat ride. Arrange everything on the boat ranging from champagne to roses and the elementary decoration. However, the decoration is not to be revealed before its time for the sun to set. At the time of sun-set, ask the waiter to bring champagne and the bouquet of flowers that you brought for the girl. With the sun setting down, come on your knees and tell her how much she means to you with a ring in possession. There is hardly any chance why she would say no, considering your unique proposal idea. After she nods her head for a “yes”, dine with her on the boat itself.

2. Use of vending machine:

You can take her for a vending machine and pretend to put coins in order to choose the favorite drink. Ask her for the choice and when she selects one, try to showcase that it’s difficult to get the drink out of the vend. However, you may pop up with the ring and tell her that “I could not find the drink, but I somehow found this”. Ask her question the very moment and since she would already be surprised, there would be fewer chances to hear a no.

3. Take use of a fortune teller:

Most of the women like their fortunes to be predicted. So take your girlfriend to a fortune teller and ask him to predict her future in such a way that “some guy would propose you soon”. This would build up the excitement in her nerves and she would start looking forward to it. When the excitement levels are at the optimum high, appear with a ring and get on your knees.

4. Empty ring boxes:

It’s when the person expects the least that they become happier. As featured already in one of the movies, “Serendipity”, give your girlfriend a ring box that contains 10 ring boxes studded into each other. When she starts opening them one by one, she finds no ring and since she is expecting one, she becomes hopeless when opens the last box and finds nothing at all. It is this moment when she runs out of hope and should be awarded with a ring set. Thus, the proposal should at a time when she stops expecting the ring.

5. Ask a sketch artist to bump at the proposal location:

When you are planning to propose your girlfriend, it’s very unique to call a caricature artist or a sketch artist to appear at the location.  When you have bent on your knee and offering the ring to your girlfriend, the sketch artists should start his work of jotting this precious moment down. Once the sketch is completed, it should be given as a memory to your girlfriend, along with the ring. It is one of the most unique and creative ways of proposing your girlfriend.

6. Ask stupid questions and then bump on the important question:

When you are talking with your girlfriend, feed her with impossible and boring questions, unusual ones and when gets fed up, ask her to wait for the final question. This is the moment; you may propose her with a ring. Coming out of the frustrating mood and accepting a proposal might work tremendously well for your girlfriend.

7. Take her to the place you met her first:

Reviving the beautiful old memories is always a great escape from the hectic life. When you plan to propose your girlfriend, it’s the time when you take her to the place of your first meeting. When she gets there, a unique charm is added to the environment. Remembering the old memories, you should get on your knees and propose the girl.

8. Print “Will you marry me?” on T-Shirt:

These days, the printed T-shirts are trending in the market. When you plan to propose the girlfriend, try to print a T-shirt with “Will you marry me” and go with a ring. When she watched your t-shirt, there are ample chances of being surprised with the high amount of love you carry for her.

9. Propose on-air:

While looking to propose your girlfriend on radio, it’s very important to know which station she listens to. While she is listening to the radio, try to synchronize with the station crew and plan a proposal on-air. This is one of the most unique and creative proposals that can come a girl’s way. Hence, the chances of her saying yes increase phenomenally.

10. Create a banner:

If you like your girlfriend to feel special in front of many people, you must put a banner with ‘Will you marry me xyz?” The plan is to take her to that public spot and point on the banner. She would get more than surprised and preferably say yes to the proposal.

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