Ten Awesome Inventions made from Nothing that made Millions

We aren’t the only ones living at the speed of Formula One cars; technology too is dashing by swiftly on nitro charged skates. And with this we are seeing loads of devices, contraptions, medicines, toys, gadgets, appliances, etc. etc. invented all around us. Some of these inventions are quite useful, some extremely useful, some not at all important, but some are downright hilarious (or useless, if we put it mildly).

We all get pretty well familiarized with the successful inventions, probably because they are everywhere and advertised everywhere and available everywhere. And we would understand if these earn huge bucks. But there are times when ridiculous inventions defying all logic earn millions and are purchased like crazy. We don’t know the reason behind this is plain curiosity, luck or plain dumbness. But whatever it is, these inventions make it big time (in terms of revenue anyways).

Let’s check out few of these masterpieces which are actually not really so.

10. HeadOn

Its ad went viral on TV where it showed a small homeopathic stick which was to be applied directly to the forehead. It claimed to cure headaches instantly, though it just looked like it was made out of wax and had no medical guarantee to back it up what so ever. It still sold more than 10 million tubes.


9. The Snuggie

Snuggie is what your robe would be if you wore it backwards. Despite this the Snuggie made an astounding $200 million in profit just by selling these sleeved blankets. Boosted by ridiculous commercials, everyone from celebs to kids adored this. It just goes on to show how an idea (how so ever small, or lame in this case) can catch on fire and make millions.

The Snuggie

8. Tamagotchi

If any country should get the medal for the top weirdness in whatever genre, then of course Japan bags it all. Japan is the most ingenious, most smart and um most weird country ever. Bandai created a rip off version of Digimon (or maybe Digimon was a rip off), the Tamagotchi. It’s simply an electronic pet shaped like an egg on a keychain that “dies” without near-constant attention. You feed it, take care of it, and clean it and so on. More than 74 million Tamagotchis had been sold, grossing about $900 million along with spanning two films, three animated series and several Nintendo games.


7. Doggles

These are goggles cum sunglasses sort of thing; protects eyes from sunrays, debris, UV rays and the ordinary. Seems ordinary enough? Only, it isn’t for humans, but for dogs. And not only animal lovers have taken a fancy to it, but the rich people with extra cash, and the army (for their search and rescue dogs) too! Doggles, LLC has sold millions of pairs to pooches at an astounding price of $19.90 a pop. Talk about a wild idea running even wild.


6. Magic 8 Ball

We can understand the love for Chinese fortune cookies, where a paper containing a fortune is baked inside of a cookie. It’s a fun way to enjoy food with your friends. But a black sphere surrounding an alcohol- and dye-filled tube, containing a 20-sided die printed with various answers? What’s the addiction in that? Every time you ask your magic 8 ball a question, you are bound to get different answers. Still, it’s one of the most famous inventions (cough) of all times.

Magic 8 Ball

5. Big Mouth Billy Bass

Released in 2000, Billy Bass is a fish on a board, that sings and…um bends (it’s supposed to be dancing is our best guess). Though extremely annoying, it’s extremely catchy too.  Kids just adore it and parents don’t mind shelling out a few bucks for this decorative piece. Whatever, this singer of a fish might have earned more than Bollywood singers themselves.

Big Mouth Billy Bass

4. Furby

Furby is a living and talking example of how toys can rake in hugs profits. Ok not a living example, it’s a toy, but we didn’t lie when we said a talking example. Furby’s main attraction was its ability to learn English and transcend over from Furbish (his mother tongue, in other words, gibberish). They might be scarce now, but they were a sensation back in the 2000s, as few AI toys were available back then.


3. The Plastic Wishbone

There’s a tradition or a legend, which calls for a wish bone from a bird, which if broken grants the user one wish. Whoever might have thought of cashing in on this, right? But apparently, LuckyBreak, a company that produces fake wishbones from plastic did just that and guess what? Their sale exceeds $2.5 million each year. It’s like kicking alchemy in the rear screaming you can make gold right out of garbage, screw lead.

The Plastic Wishbone

2. Pet Rock

This toy/stone/invention/god know what invention might give the terms like lame, marketing and toys new meaning! Go buy yourself a box of pet rock, then open it to discover-wait, what? It’s just rocks! Yea, that’s the charm of pet rocks; you get rocks with stick-able googly eyes. No one even thought of making these in arts and crafts classes either. Must be some genius with future reading (or mind altering) abilities with lots of guts who would have thought of making that, and then selling it.

 Pet Rock

1. Beanie Babies

Another toy on the list. That makes how many, we lost count of it. These were laughed at earlier (and might be too, if someone expects to cash in on them), but its maker earned more than $4.5 billion from it. It seems like a real world story depicting from rags to riches (no, we are not saying the maker was poor, it’s just a figure of speech). Not only were these cute and not so cuddly toys famous, we think they spanned a new era of bean bags and sofas and so on.

Beanie Babies

That makes a list of the weirdest, luckiest invention to make to big time. Reading through this just makes us feel that becoming rich ain’t so hard, we just have to come up with a cracked invention of ours, right? With a bit of luck, this might actually work.

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