Ten Anime Girls You Don't Wanna Mess With (Part 2)

Let’s continue our list of top anime girls you really don’t wanna mess with ever; or get on their wrong side. The last five of our list has been discussed in the earlier article, while the top five are discussed here.

5) Maka Albarn:

maka albarn


Maka from Soul Eater, has a heck of a personality & she isn’t scared the least to stand up for what she believes is right, plus she would never abandon her friends in a pinch, or scare away from a competition. Her determination knows no bounds. She is really wise & quite cleaver. She never gives up & always strives for the best, to be better than the best. Her quote, “Bring it on! I may be weaker than you, but I’ll take whatever you throw at me! ” sums up her personality. She is extremely smart, and is a model student at her school, constantly coming at the top in the exams.

4) Kallen Kōzuki:

Kallen Kōzuki


Kallen is one of the female leads from Code Geass. She is extremely popular too & almost everyone understands why is on the list. She is one of the best if not the best mecha fighter ever. Her reaction time & reflex are unmatched & her talent & skills are undisputedly the best. Her normal nature is quite calm & friendly. Her courage is unshakable & she would never back down if it means going against her ideals. She is pretty strong fighter despite her looks. Wikia describes her as “Kallen has shown to have a rebellious personality as she is strong willed, short tempered, impulsive and quite feisty. Despite her tough attitude Kallen is actually quite sensitive and gentle.” She also has killer looks to boot. Her fighting instincts and skills

3) Yuri Nakamura:

Yuri Nakamura


She is the female lead of Angel Beats. Yuri is the founder and leader of the Afterlife-based school organization Shinda Sekai Sensen. She leads the campaign of a number of students who fight against God, whom they blame for their cruel fates. See already? She fights against God; to get an answer as to why her fate and her friends were so cruel. You need one heck of an attitude to do this. Either you got to be extremely brave, or downright idiot. Yuri has the abilities of a charismatic leader, and her determination and her ability to stay calm even in difficult situations makes her the best choice for it. She is also very intelligent and able to understand situations and make snap decisions. But she has a random side to her, where she just acts comically. She can handle guns pretty well, as well as hold her ground in close ranged combat. And she doesn’t hesitate to make sacrifices if the need arises to. Although she has a tragic past, she doesn’t let that affect her determination to fight against God, instead she her feelings to fuel her to move forward.

The second place is a tie between the following two kick-awesome characters:

2) Lina Inverse:

Lina Inverse


Lina is the star of slayers. She is wild, cheerful, overexcited, sometimes rude girl. She may act a little dense but she is pretty smart & clever. Lina calls herself as a “Magical Genius” and she isn’t far off the mark. She has extraordinary skills when it comes to using magic, and she can even hold her own in a sword fight. She tends to eat a lot to keep up her energy. She acts like a female Robin Hood, taking money from the bad guys. Due to her incredible powers, she’s feared by many & has many nicknames like Dra-mata, Robbers’ Killer, and The Enemy of All Who Live. Her natural talent combined with her imperturbable will, placid dedication, unruffled courage and cleverness makes her a formidable rival. She is quite tomboyish, but at times, she does act in kiddish girl like manner. Aside from her prowess in battles, she is a master businesswoman who can bargain her way in or out of nearly everything; and if she fails, she always has her strength as a back-up coercive force.

2) Sakura Haruno:

 Sakura Haruno  Sakura Haruno


Sakura is pretty famous as it, and needs no introduction. In the first series of Naruto, Sakura’s ninjustsu was considerably weaker than her team-mates; Sasuke and Naruto. At that time her greatest strength was her intelligence. After two-and-a-half years of training with Tsunade however, in Naruto Shippuden, Sakura’s abilities greatly increase. She is now the very best medical ninja, and has explosive physical attacks. Her skills in other areas have also increased; she is more perceptive, has great evasive skills, destructive Taijutsu and intelligence. Sakura is like her master Tsunade and has inherited her resilience and contempt for losing. One punch from her can turn a huge boulder into rubble or break the ground apart. This is because she can master her chakra perfectly, using it to power her physical blows. She’s adept at reading her opponent and using it to her advantage. With her keen observation skills, she can decipher her opponent’s moves & formulate an attack plan immediately. She has intensive knowledge on poisons and can treat them or make an antidote too. This explosive combination of brutal & inhuman strength, medical abilities and high intelligence makes her one of the best character ever, whether strength wise or skills wise. Her love for her friends is tremendously unbounded, and her sense of duty to them and her clan makes her a very loveable character.

1) Erza Scarlet:

Erza Scarlet


Erza is one of the lead females from Fairy Tail. She is the best among the best, the super elite among the elites. She has immense strength, unmatched skills, incredible talent, great character and awesome powers to boot. She is an S class mage, undefeated by anyone ill now. Also, Natsu & Erza, her friends and team mates (& fellow protagonists of Fairy Tail), are terrified of her and call her a demon or ‘majin’. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and extremely protective of her guild too. She is extremely smart and usually analyzes an enemy’s powers, weakness and attack pattern within seconds, but at times, she behaves like a kid. Erza’s specialty is Requip Magic, allowing her to requip not only various armors, but different outfits as well. She has a great sense of justice, & is quite strict, usually giving a very creepy look guaranteed to freak the living daylights out of you when she is angered. Her innocent features hide her dark past, and her extraordinary powers. Among all the fearsome female anime stars, she shines the brightest. She excels in sword fighting, as well as close combat. Despite all this, she has a cute side too. She like’s cute things, at times act in a girly way, and loves sweet stuff. Her graceful attacks, coupled with her fast wit and pretty look makes for a killer combo. She truly deserves the title ‘Titania’ (from Titan) as she is one with supreme strength, intellect and importance. Even her series’ own hero is scared of her. Period.

That completes our list of top female characters ever. They are a great aid to their teams, and watching them in action just makes one’s day. What do you think about this list? Think we left out someone, then do let us know.

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