Ten Amazingly Simple ways to Eat Your Eggs for Breakfast

Getting up in the morning has always been a pain in the neck. Just admit it already. No matter the day, the season, the year, the occasion, waking early is always bothersome not to mention almost impossible at times. This tendency usually results in an after effect – getting behind schedule on whatever plans you had for the day. Again there is another cause and effect – the tendency to skip or eat skimpy breakfast; which in the long run ( or many a times even immediately) could lead to early signs of old age, deteriorating health, extreme tiredness without even having one nothing, fatigue, dizzy spells, weak bones, stomach/head aches and the list would continue for another few lines or so. Did that just surprise you? Debating to give more consideration to your breakfast and facing a dilemma? Worry not, because there is a simple, fast, effective (not to mention not at all costly) solution for this. EGGS! Eggs are rich in protein and recommended by doctors worldwide for breakfast. The best part is eggs are easily available and breakfast dishes are also easy, simple and quick to make. And the greatest advantage is that it’s quite the delicacy to devour right in the morning. You get a bundle of taste, time, money and health in just a simple egg. So isn’t it obvious it should be on everyone’s must-eat-in-breakfast-list?

Eggs for Breakfast

Here we are going to name some easy to make dishes whose recipes are easily available on the net. Try these dishes once before hand and next time you’ll make for yourself a killer breakfast (which is so very healthy too).

1. Deviled eggs:

These eggs are hard boiled and then sliced in half after removing the shell. The yolks of the eggs are mixed with various ingredients like cheese, yogurt, herbs, mayonnaise, etc. to give a tasty flavor. Easy and fast to make; all you have to do is leave your eggs to boil and then flavor them up.

Deviled eggs Deviled eggs

2. Poached Eggs:

Here, you break the egg into a pot of simmering water or water mixed with a spoon of vinegar, making sure the yolk stays intact. This causes the outer white to solidify faster while the yolk still remains tender. The perfect poached egg has a runny yolk, with a hardening crust and no raw white remaining. It’s perfect to go with toasts or sandwiches. Or you can try the super tasty eggs benedict.

Poached Eggs Poached Eggs

3. Steamed Eggs:

It’s one of the easiest ways to eat your egg. And especially it’s good for winter days. All you have to do is crack your egg over a lightly buttered pan on really low flames, and then cover it and let it steam for 2-5min, depending on how runny or firm you like your egg. Season and eat.

Steamed Eggs Steamed Eggs

4. Omelets (Omelette):

All time classic. Whip your eggs with seasoning and mildly fry it over a mid-flame pan. Serve hot with bread or buns.

Omelets (Omelette) Omelets (Omelette)

5. Sweet Egg:

A rare delicacy, sweet eggs work both as desserts or main course (for breakfast anyway). It involves mixing sugar, oil and eggs together, then heating over a pan while mixing it till slightly firm. It’s quite famous in India. Can be coupled with English muffins.

Sweet Egg

6. French Toast:

Whip your egg with seasonings of your choice and make a mixture with a couple teaspoons of milk. Dip a bread piece and fry it for a very filling and delicious breakfast.

French Toast

7. Boiled Eggs:

Boil your egg in a pan of simmering water for some time. Peel the skin, garnish with salt and pepper and serve hot with a glass or milk and toast. It’s a heavenly dish in winters.

Boiled Eggs

8. Scrambled Eggs:

Just like your omelet, whip everything together. Then pour it into a pan on low flames but remember to keep stirring. Cheese may be added in the last couple of minutes for more flavor.

Scrambled Eggs

9. Half Fried Eggs:

Directly crack your egg over a lightly buttered pan and immediately season it. Let it cook for a couple of minutes or till the yolk becomes slightly firm. Serve with ketchup and bread.

Half Fried Eggs:

10. Sweet French toast:

A variation of the French toast mentioned above; instead of salt garnish, use cinnamon and sugar. It’s quite a rare dish but very simple and totally yummy.

Sweet French toast

Last and Extra 🙂 – Shirred eggs (Baked Eggs):

They are baked simply with butter until the whites have set and the yolks are thickened in a flat-bottomed dish. These are pure delight and quite simple to make. Just bake them with butter and some seasoning.

 Shirred eggs (Baked Eggs)

These make a list of ten ways you can eat your egg. But these are just the style of cooking egg. Combined with a little creativity, you can easily make chicken egg sandwich, egg salad, egg benedict, egg and pancake and so on. So start with these simple cooking steps and graduate into a full blown fast cook with a healthy lifestyle.

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