Teeth Found in Baby’s Rare Brain Tumor

Shocking news was received in Maryland recently. A 4 month kid was found to have a teeth form tumor in his brain. This is the first case of its kind in the history of medical science. According to the experts, it’s a unique kind of tumor.

The boy is doing fine now and the tumor has already been taken out of the head but the case of teeth like tumor has sparked a discussion among the medical experts. They are now speculating on how these typical tumors can develop in the brain of a kid.

In the initial phase, doctors suspected that there was something wrong with the head of the child since it appeared to be growing at a phenomenal pace and bulging up unlike the other children of his age. A brain scan was done after the tumor was discovered and it showed up structures that looked very familiar to the teeth that are found in the lower jaw of a human.

The child had to go through a brain surgery in order to remove the tumor from the head. When the surgery was being performed, doctors noticed that it contained fully formed teeth within. This was no less than a shocking observation by the doctors.

The doctors then performed an analysis on the basis of which they came to the conclusion that the child had developed craniopharyngioma, which is a brain tumor that can grow as big as a golf ball. However, it does not spread.

Researchers were always of the opinion that such tumors are developed from the same cells that are responsible for the production of teeth in human body but the doctors had never noticed teeth in these tumors ever before. Dr. Narlin Beaty confirmed this fact, he is currently placed as a neurosurgeon at the University of Maryland Medical Center and he performed the surgery for the tumor in the kid’s brain. Another doctor that was involved with the surgery was Dr. Edward Ahn from the Johns Hopkins Children’s center.

Baby's Rare Brain Tumor Had Teeth

Beaty stated that it is a very unique case and not everyday we see such teeth like tumor in the brain of a child.  It is a case that is certainly unheard of by the people. However, teeth had previously been found in people’s brains but these were part of the tumors known by the name teratomas and these are quite unique tumors since they have tissue types that are found only in the human embryo developing in its initial stage. The case of the boy has provided the evidence to the doctors about craniopharyngiomas do develop from the cells that are responsible for making teeth. This statement was recorded from Beaty.

These tumors are very common among the children ranging from age 5 to 14 and also among the younger children aging 2 or less. The national cancer institute reported these stats.

The progress of the boy is very good and he is improving very quickly. The researchers are of the belief that craniopharyngiomas are pituitary gland tumors. This is the gland which is situated in the brain and held responsible for releasing some important hormones. These are mostly responsible for causing the hormonal problems.  In the case of the small boy, the tumor was held responsible for disrupting the connections in the brain that could allow some hormones to be released. The boy would need to undergo hormone treatments all his life in order to stay healthy.

Beaty added that the boy is doing very well and all the things have been considered when it came to his treatment. The tumor was situated in the center of his brain and there were speculations that the boy would not be able to survive.

The teeth were given to the pathologist for enhanced studies. The report was published by thee New England Journal of Medicine on 27 Feb.

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