“Talking Cars”, an anticipated project of US Government in 2017

The world has been evolving over the years and we are seeing the surge of new technology and new era of innovation. The ideas are being brainstormed by the scientists and something unique comes out every now and then. The idea of self driving cars may still be out of reach but the US government has vowed to make the “Talking cars by the end of 2017. It is one of the most anticipated projects of the US Government. However, it may take a few years of proper paperwork and hard work.

The news was revealed through a message that was posted on the Department of Transportation website on Monday. David Friedman, who is the administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hinted on the plan of US government to employ vehicle to vehicle communications while not considering the car safety measures for the next few years.

“Talking Cars”, an anticipated project of US Government in 2017

Friedman stated that in a few years, we will be able to see the transition in the automobile industry in the same way as the arc transportation safety measures were replaced by seat belts, airbags and electronic stability control. This statement was reported to the DOT website by Friedman.  The US government has picked up the work on “Talking cars” technology and expects to accomplish it by the year 2017.

It is not an overnight process. The technology has been thought over by the officials for a long time now and now it’s time to offer conviction to it. A testing had been conducted by an agency which involved 3000 cars and after it was successful, the US government decided to give direction to the plan. This testing was done in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There was a pilot program that was employed in order to test the working of vehicle to vehicle communications in order to improve the road safety of drivers.

The other safety measures that could enter the zone are collision avoidance, speed limit alerts and automatic work zone warnings. All these safety enhancements can be availed with the other vehicle to vehicle system.

The NHTSA issued a statement lately that said that the test results will be out in the next few weeks. The agency will help the US government in order to make vehicle to vehicle communication a part of the official US road safety policy. However, the official date for the same has not been announced in the NHTSA, the reports suggest that vehicle to vehicle communications could feature as early as in 2017.

This technology is the representative of next generation safety measures adopted by the automobile industry. Some of the life saving developments that we have already seen in the past includes the introduction of air bags and safety belts. The surge of vehicle to vehicle communication will definitely uplift the security of the drivers as stated by the US Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx.

This technology will not only avoid unnecessary crash between the cars but also improve the way people move on the roads. It will uplift the safety measures by a higher degree. US Government will also make sure that it remains the leader of the global automotive industry. We will have to wait and see how the vehicle to vehicle communication technology brings a revolution in automobile industry.

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