Summer Tips : 13 Best ways to stay cool this summer

It’s hot, it’s irritating and it’s unbearable. This summer has not just drained us of all our energy but (worst of all specially for girls) tanned our skin. The fear of the sun has forced many to take extreme steps. But worry not! Here are some great tips to keep you cool & tan-free this summer!

Summer tips

1. Avoid wearing cut-tops & shorts during the day. Cover maximum portion of the body to avoid direct sun contact. Don shrug if required.

2. Apply sunscreen around 45 minutes before stepping out in the sun else it’ll just melt away. It’ll definitely keep your skin protected from the harms of UV rays.

3. Use refreshing soaps containing lemon, methanol or neem elements to get a refreshing and sweat-free look. Take extreme steps if required to maintain strict hygiene as it’d prevent growth of summer allergies and rashes. Bathe twice everyday

4. Digestion is not so quick during the hot summers. So better to avoid munching on fatty and carbs item; instead go for lot of watermelon and coconut juice. Drop an ice-cube wherever and whenever possible (even in your shower, if you dare to!)

5. Use deodorants and cooling powder to avoid getting soaked in sweat when travelling. Make sure to apply them in areas which are most sweaty. Use as much anti-per spirants as required.

6. The best medicine against sun rays is the ultimate combo of umbrellas & shades. Wear shades as and when possible to protect the eyes and avoid harmful UV rays.

girls with umbrellas

7. Drink a glass of chilled milk before sleeping. It’ll give you energy for the next day, help you sleep and stay cool.

8. Keep indoors in afternoon to avoid the harsh ‘loo’ during afternoon. Heat strokes caused by loo can be fatal. Thus, cover your face with a cotton dupatta (shawl) or stole while travelling in afternoon.

9. If you’re the type who enjoys exercising then opt for summer-friendly activities like swimming, indoor badminton, tennis. Take lots of glucose before and after exercising session.

summer exercise

10. Wear loose-fitting clothes preferably cotton. Avoid synthetic during day time as they lead to skin rash or allergies. Wear soft baby colors or light colors and say no to Black as it’d trap the heat inside you.

11. Active people must make a hobbit of in taking at least 500 ml every 2 hour or so before any outdoor activity to stay hydrated and energetic.

12. If the summer tan is driving you crazy then worry not. Here’s the remedy! Take a tea-spoon of milk powder, then add yogurt, honey, two drops of sandalwood oil and mix it well. Apply the pack on tanned areas. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash with cold water gently.

13. If you’re planning a vacation, chose a spot that’s cool like hilly stations, beaches.

These HOT tips will keep you extremely cool, amazingly refreshed and hygienic, completely rejuvenated, vibrantly energetic during the summer. It’ll ensure that you don’t lose your cool during the most horrendous days of the tragic summers. Follow these tips and enjoy a happy cool summer.

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