Strange Guinness Record Holders

Guinness Book of World Records has long been known for its shocking contents as it is like a catalog containing some of the greatest and extraordinary achievements made by human beings.  Here we will be mentioning a few of these out-of-place world records, after which the only question that would hammer your brains would definitely be ‘Is there really a record for such a thing?!’


1. World’s Longest Wedding Dress Tail

Now who would have thought of such a record?? Emma, a 17 year-old model wore a wedding dress with the longest tail in the world on March 20, 2012 in an attempt to engrave her name in the Guinness Book. The previous record was 2,488 meters long but now with 2,750 meter long tail, Emma holds this record. It is made of 4,700 meters of clothe using approximately 1,857 needles, taking HUNDRED days to complete.

World's Longest Wedding Dress Tail

2. Supersonic Speed

Apparently Sonic the Hedgehog is not the only one to achieve lightning fast speed. Felix Baumgartner from Austria, reached 833.9 mph (1,342 kph) speed to become the first man to reach supersonic speed without travelling in a jet or a spacecraft. He humped off a capsule that had reached an altitude of 39,045 meters above the Earth.

Felix Baumgartner

3. Giant Biceps

Mostafa Ismail (Egypt) is the proud owner of the world’s largest biceps. They were measured for left arm flexed at 64.77 cm (non-flexed 62.23 cm) and for right arm flexed at 63.5 cm (non-flexed 60.96 cm).

Mostafa Ismail

4. Longest Finger Nails

Lee Redmond’s holds the record for the longest finger nails measured at 33 inches.

Lee Redmond's

5. 1,016 Piercings in One Sitting

Robison, a Marseilles resident holds this painful record of having 1,016 piercings done on his body at one time.

1,016 Piercings in One Sitting

6. Longest Tongue

Try touching your nose with your tongue. I bet none of us can do this but Stephen Taylor certainly can with his astonishing tongue measuring nearly 9.8 cm long!! That’s nearly the size of our smartphone screens!

Stephen Taylor

7. Longest Kiss

Everyone loves to get cozy with their partners but there’s a limit after which further cozying up actually gets weird (can be translated to obscene). Take for instance the record for the longest kiss which measures 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. This odd feat was performed by Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand. Seriously, what were they up to?

Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat

8. World’s smallest waist

You think you’re thin, feeling too skinny? Well think again because 1.72 meter long Cathie Jung from USA has a waist so thin that it just measures 21 inches.

Cathie Jung

9. Longest sleep deprivation

We get cranky just by missing a few hours of sleep but Randy Gardner from California went without sleep for a period of 264 hours which means ELEVEN DAYS. We can’t even begin to gauge how cranky he must have been!

Randy Gardner

10. Longest Video Game Played

You might be a total game freak but how long you think you can go playing a video game at one go? No matter how long your answer might be, you cannot beat David Scherer, 19 years old, from USA. He spent 55 hours playing “Grand Theft Auto IV” continuously without a break.

Longest Video Game Played

After reading through all that, you must be left wondering to what extremes can people go and what motivates them? That remains inconclusive, but all we can guarantee is that all these above mentioned records are not the last of strange & weird records to be set.

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