Storage 24 : Lowest Grossing Movie That Made $72 At US Box Office

Hollywood is not always a golden hen for movie makers. Not everyone has a destiny and talent that matches the likes of Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. However, when we read about a movie that earned just 72 USD at the box office, it does not just intimidate us but also sends us on a laughter riot. It is not a joke, a British sci-fi movie that was released recently earned as much as 72 USD at the box office.

Ask the producer of the movie “Storage 24” how it feels when you lose money on a project. I am sure no one can tell you a better story about losing money better than the producer of this movie.  And when we say that it earned 72 USD at the box office, we are definitely not missing out any zeros here. The problems for the movie started from the beginning itself. It did not get any big distributor to take the movie to the theaters. Finally, after a long struggle it was released in only 1 theater and was running for as long as 1 week. Now this might be a world record itself.

The plot of the story is quite boring and tedious as well. It might have contributed to the super failure of the movie. It talks about a group of some people who find themselves under the trap of a London storage facility. It is in the midst of fear and stress that an unwelcomed guest arrives there. Now how does it sound here? There is more to it. While outside the storage unit, everything has been shut down and there is a lockout in the town because of the crash of a military plane. The plot itself sends the user on laughter phases.

Meet the Movie that Made 72 USD (Lowest Grossing) at the Box Office

This movie has been produced independently and it received a fresh rating of 22 percent on Rotten Tomatoes which added to the woes of the film. The only people who rated this movie on Rotten tomatoes were the unfortunate people who saw it on DVD and not into the theater. The money that was earned by the movie at box office is worth buying shoes and nothing more.

Now our mind boggles when we think about the beginning of this project. Where did the concept of the movie came out from? Who wrote its script? Who was directing it and all these things? The plot of the film at first place was too boring and it did not have any ends to it. The place where the people are stuck does not have any windows for the people to peek out and ask for help. It does not make the things any better. The lights are the same everywhere and it’s easy to find the way out but the actors in the movie are entangled in the situation so bad that they are having frowning expressions on their face. In terms of acting, this movie sucks so badly. Everyone seems to be so funny while they frown and not looking natural at all. Well, to be honest if you want to have a big laughter over the behavior of people acting in the movie, watch it out.


The script writers are the ones to be questioned here. Clarke wrote the script of the movie and found an opportunity to act being the leading man. He is starring in the lead role and the director of the film is Johannes Roberts. When Clarke was interviewed after the super failure of the movie, he said that Roberts was responsible for casting all the actors.  The other actors that featured in the film were not too convincing and sucked from the outset of the movie.

Clarke had a strong signal that the movie might not work out. He knew it right before the release of the film in US. Actually everyone that featured in the movie as a crew knew that it would not do well at the market.  Clarke added that they did not have any money to have big budget and this is what you get in low budget films. He said that if the movie does not do well in the US, they will set for the next one. Now this gives us more nightmares. Another movie of this type will take the heart away from Americans.

Another movie that failed miserably at the box office was “A Perfect Man”. It could earn as much as 445 USD at the box office. It is second lowest grosser of the year and its budget was also higher than Storage 24. Hence, it was a bigger blow to the producers of the movie. We sincerely hope that Clarke’s next flick makes it into the triple figures when it comes to box office collections.

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