Sony has been riding high on the success of its acclaimed phone Xperia Z and as a result, it’s launching a range of smartphones and other devices in the market. The new device that has come from the workshop of Sony recently is the very new SmartWatch 2 which is introduced to the fans today, i.e. 25 June 2013. It has been recognized as a highly advanced SmartWatch that is available in the market. The specs and features of the SmartWatch 2 outclass the ones that existed in its predecessor. The announcement for SmartWatch 2 was made in the Mobile Asia Expo that took place in Shanghai today.

Sony has always been the fore-runner of the smart-watch market. The first Bluetooth watch was launched by Sony in the year 2007. Sony is working on the 3rd generation smartwatches, while its competitors are still stuck on the first generation. The expertise of Sony and the features embedded in SmartWatch 2 have made it the most anticipated device of the year. Over 200 apps are devoted to Sony SmartWatch 2 and this figure will only grow in the following years to come.

 Sony SmartWatch 2 Announced (Review, Release Date, Price, Specifications)

Features of Sony Smartwatch 2:

Synchronization with the android smartphone:

The most striking feature of SmartWatch 2 is that it gets aligned very well with the android smartphone possessed by the user. It simply acts as the additional screen of the phone. The existing feature enhances incredibility of the android phone by a greater degree. It is a multi-purpose watch that acts as Android app interface as well as a remote control. All the functions of the android smartphone can be monitored and controlled using this watch.

 Sony SmartWatch 2 Announced (Review, Price, Specifications)

App Expandability:

The SmartWatch 2 can handle more than one dedicated apps as compared to its predecessor and the other smartwatch variants present in the market. The apps can be arranged on the android phone as per the user’s requirement and can be customized accordingly. After customizing the smartwatch, user does not need to look at his smartphone for small purposes. Therefore, the Sony SmartWatch 2 simply becomes a suitable device that meets the daily needs and requirements of the user.

Easy usability:

The user is able to check notifications of the android phone on his smartwatch like messages, calls, email and Facebook/twitter messages. The SmartWatch 2can also work as a remote control for the music player making it easy to switch between the tracks while running or doing some sport. The watch is also equipped with wireless technology which might prove to be ideal for large screen devices like Xperia Z Ultra.

 Sony SmartWatch 2 Announced (Review, Price, Specifications)

The features embedded in the new SmartWatch 2 are way better than its predecessor or other versions of smartwatch in the market. Apart from delivering app usage, the SmartWatch 2 can be used to look at time too, not to forget. Using this watch, the user can also set an alarm. The flash available in the watch makes it easy for the user to search for a lost item in case of emergency.

Some other important features:

  1. The calls can be attended or disconnected in a matter of tap on the watch.

  2. The smart camera app can be synchronized with the smartwatch 2 and using the app, user can make pictures with his smartwatch 2.

  3. The presentation app can help the user to control the movement of presentation with the help of watch.

  4. The navigational apps help the user to check routes while driving a bike or in emergency situations.

  5. The mails can be read on smartwatch 2.

  6. The music player can be managed with the use of smartwatch without even looking at the phone for the same purpose.

The growing market for wearable tech:

With the advancement in technology, the need for gadgets that serve various purposes at the same time has arisen. In the beginning, PC’s were used for the business purposes, reading mails, listening music and somehow it transformed into the smartphones. Now the smartphones are being taken over by SmartWatches in order to perform simple operations and using apps. SmartWatch 2 speaks loud of this revolution and it’s a hot property in the market currently.  The touch screen watch is an insight into the future.

 Sony SmartWatch 2 Announced (Review, Release Date, Price, Specifications)

Release Date:

However, no actual date has been confirmed by the officials of Sony but if the rumors are to be believed, the SmartWatch 2 will be available in the worldwide markets around September 2013.

Price of Sony SmartWatch 2:

Sony has always shown its professionalism and smartness when it comes to pricing factor. However, no actual reports about pricing have been surfaced but if the reports and the speculations made by experts is to be believed, Sony SmartWatch 2 will cost somewhere around 199 Euros, which is a standard cost and will fit the budget of a mid range user.

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