Some Strange Reasons For Gaining Weight

Sometimes you go on a regular workout but still not able to view the difference. You might also be eating healthy food for most of the times but it becomes simply untraceable to know where you are lagging in terms of putting on extra weight. The people who are not able to understand the reasons behind it must have a check at their mood. In a study conducted by Cornell University, it has been found out that 77 percent of the people who are in bad mood tend to eat more unhealthy food than the ones who are not.

Usually when there is something upsetting people and they seek immediate relief, they go for the easiest option of food that also comforts their cravings.  The author of “Slim by Design: Mindless Eating solutions for Everyday life”, Brian Wansink entered into a conversation with Yahoo Shine where he unraveled these strange facts about eating habits and putting on weight.

Some Strange Reasons For Gaining Weight

He stated in the interview that people who are in good mood tend to feel more optimistic and make the choices of the food accordingly than the ones who are not. They think more about health in a far sighted concern. There is actually no magic bullet that lets you go for the cookies but the study has also declared that if you are happy, you tend to stay miles away from the kitchen.

Some of the other reasons for putting up weight can be:

1. Paying the grocery items with a credit card instead of cash:

This point is based on the psychology of people who like to shop more with a credit card than from cash. Buying the grocery items with the help of cash can keep the health in check. The research has found out that people are more prone to buy junk food with the help of a plastic card. When they use card, the conscious of purchases diminishes and it becomes easier to make a decision on buying junk food. A professor of marketing at the State University of New York, Mr Kalpesh Kaushik Desai stated that cash is a vivid form of payment and it makes the people realize the value of what they are buying. On the other hand, buying food with the help of a plastic card does not have carry any guilt conscience.

2. Idolizing the celebrities that are super thin:

Some people think that idolizing some celebs that are super thin can encourage the people to work harder but it actually works the other way round. Sometimes, idolizing a super thin celeb can send you in deep depression in case you cannot compare your body with them. In such cases, some people give up on their workout thinking that it is not showing any desired results.

3. You over try things:

Everything has a sequence and even the health regimes have a routine. However, people sometimes become impatient and tend to go for the shortcut to healthy body. There are no shortcuts in this world to a good health. Hence, everything should be done one by one and the people must not rush towards the gym and go for a rush. It not only spoils the eating habits but also discourages the people when they can’t see the desired results in time.

4. Travelling for work purposes:

Travelling is an exciting job to do and some people take a pride in getting to travel for work purposes but it actually does not do any good for their health. If you keep travelling around for work purposes, there are lesser chances that you will be able to do continuous workouts and the moment routine of exercise is disturbed, it entangles you in the vicious circle of unhealthy regimes. The people who usually travel for work purpose are more prone to be eating junk food and cannot control their eating habits. It is actually not their fault because not everything is available at every destination. In some of the cases, people have to compromise on their eating habits because of it. It is advised for the people who travel to take a round in their hotel and keep walking to digest the food they eat.

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