Some Of The Famous Cheese Products For Your Cheeseboard

Cheese is a common phrase to yell when you are taking a photo. You get a perfect shot that way. If you study about cheese a bit, then next time while screaming cheese into the photo, you would genuinely be smiling. Cheese is used worldwide in a variety of dishes. The uses of cheese are innumerable while recipes involving cheese are mind-boggling.  Aside from this, cheese is produced in wide ranging flavors, textures, colors, forms & taste. It is a product derived from milk after curdling it. Since it’s a milk-based product, it is extremely rich in fat, protein, calcium, and phosphorus and is considered quite healthy. Cheese can be made from the milk of cows, buffalo, goats, or sheep. Further flavoring of cheese can be done by adding garlic, pepper, berries, etc.

Here, let us take a look at some of the famous cheese products worldwide.

1. Cheddar Cheese : This cheese has a nice, sharp tasting flavor. It is quite hard and light or pale yellow colored. It is one of the most widely used cheese across the world. In UK, it is the highest selling cheese. It can be used in recipes requiring baking, because it does not melt extremely fast.

Cheddar Cheese

2. Mozzarella Cheese : This is another popular cheese used worldwide. You must have come across it in pizza. It’s the main ingredient in pizzas which imparts it the delicious chewy flavor. It mainly originates from Italy & is typically made from buffalo. It is not quite hard & is softer than cheddar and normally white in color.

Mozzarella Cheese

3. Gouda Cheese : It is a Dutch originating yellow cheese made from cow’s milk. It is hard and has a slightly salty flavor. It is another popular cheese, being able to adapt to a variety of recipes. It does not spoil for a long time. It can be used directly (like in sandwiches) or mixed with other ingredients.

Gouda Cheese

4. Feta Cheese : It is a brined curd cheese traditionally hailing from Greece. It is a grainy cheese with crumpled, rough texture. It is traditionally used in salads, along with olive oil, or used in pies. It is mainly made from sheep’s milk, though a combination of sheep & goat’s milk can be used too. It is creamy and tastes salty, and melts quickly In hot dishes unlike many other cheese.

Feta Cheese

5. Cottage Cheese : This is the most popular cheese in India, and is often used as a substitute for meat in recipes involving the latter. Cottage cheese is normally salted, whereas ‘Paneer’ (a variant of cottage cheese) is unsalted. It is a white, soft, cheese curd with a gentle flavor. It is easily prepared at home from milk.

Cottage Cheese

It’s obvious that there are many variety of cheese (around 500 different varieties recognized by the International Dairy Federation) and the few mentioned here don’t amount to much. Next time, when you are having breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a plan snack, don’t forget to try some cheese or recipes thereof. This would leave your taste buds tingling for more and you craving for that soft, smooth, creamy, rich taste.

Health wise, a diet having a balanced portion of cheese & its related food items is considered very healthy.  Some variety of cheese prevent tooth decay while others help in loosing abdominal fat, blood pressure & sugar levels, aside from providing calcium and vitamins. But excess consumption may lead to deposition of saturated fats in arteries thereby increasing the risk of a stroke.

Try introducing a healthy amount of cheese in your daily food intake, as they are ever so versatile and full of refreshing flavors. Also, they pack what it takes to live healthy.

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