Some Intresting Indian Google Doodles

The Google doodles are aesthetic version of Google logo. Mainly Google doodles are dedicated to various festivals, events around the world, holidays and anniversaries of legends. Google doodles are something creative, innovative, surprising versions of Google’s logo to celebrate various happenings. Google doodles have their own history from 90’s. According to Wikipedia the first Google doodle is dedicated to “Burning Man Festival” and Google creators create over 1000 doodles in a year. Some Google doodles are country specific and some are internationally represented.

Here we are listing some interesting Google doodles specific to India.

1. 160th Anniversary of First Passenger Train in India

 160th Anniversary of First Passenger Train in India

Google dedicate this doodle to 160th anniversary of first passenger train in India which was on April 16 2013. The history of Indian railways is very large and wide so Google dedicate this doodle to the great journey of Indian railways. The first Indian passenger train was pulled by steam engine from Bori Bunder to thane on April 16 1853 in Mumbai. The train covers a distance of 34 km. The two famous train companies GIPR and EIR launched first Indian train.

2. Republic Day

Republic Day

Google devoted this doodle to Indian republic day which is celebrated on 26th Jan. In India republic day is considered the most important day in the history of Indian constitution. On 26th Jan 1950 Indian constitution came into force. Republic day is celebrated in all over India and it is an gazetted government holiday. The main function of republic day is held in Delhi in front of The president of India.

3. Jagjit Singh’s 72nd Birthday

Jagjit Singh's 72nd Birthday Google Doodle

Google made this doodle as a tribute to the 72nd birthday of gazal maestro Jagjit Singh, who is also famous by the name of “GAZAL KING”. Jagjit Singh was one of the finest singers India has produced. He sang in various languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Gujrati, Urdu etc. Jagjit Singh was born on 8th Feb 1941 in Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan. His first love was music so as a result he left his studies in 1965 and went to Mumbai to dedicate his life to music. After his hard work and dedication Jagjit Singh was signed for various successful albums; not only this he also sung for various Bollywood movies such as Sarfarosh, Dushman, Khalnayak etc.

4. Satyajit Ray’s 92nd Birthday

Satyajit Ray's 92nd Birthday Google Doodle

Google dedicated this doodle to the legendary filmmaker of India Satyajit Say on his 92nd birthday. Satyajit Ray was born on 2 May 1921 in Kolkata. The first human documentary film of Satyajit ray was “PATHER PANCHALI” which won 11 international awards and was regarded as the best human documentary film at that time. Satyajit Ray directed 36 film in his whole career in which short stories and documentary are also included. The legendary filmmaking career of Satyajit ray come to an end on April 23 1992.

5. Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

This doodle was a tribute to all the loving mothers in India and across the world. Mother is the only word which includes all the love, feelings, memories of our lovely childhood, our first word, our first step. Hence Google decided to make a handmade doodle for all the mom’s across the world. The concept of mother’s day originated in USA in 1908 and since that day it is celebrated on every 12th of May. In some countries mother’s day is celebrated on different dates such as 8th march, 21st march but it doesn’t matter for the feelings and love we all have for our mother’s is always same.

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