Smart Japanese Snow Monkeys Know How to Escape the Slaps of Cold

It is often said that human brain is the most developed one of all the living species. However, some animals prove their outright smartness by doing things that not only surprise us, but inspire us too. Japanese snow monkeys, usually known as the Japanese Macaques have taken a dive into the hot springs in order to avoid the sheer cold that they face in winters.

It is said that 50 years ago, these monkeys found out the solution to avoid cold by watching fellow humans. When they noticed some humans jumping into the hot springs, these animals followed the tradition by diving into such waters to save them from sheer cold. In the recent display we have seen Japanese snow money that used hot springs in order to fly away cold. These species are a breed of Jigokudani Yaen-Koen Monkey Park, which is situated in Central Japan. It contains as many as 200 Japanese snow lions in total.

Smart Japanese Snow Monkeys Smart Japanese Snow Monkeys Smart Japanese Snow Monkeys

It is the tendency of tenderly kids to shy away from bathing. However, when we noticed the tendency in these small snow monkeys, they were actually more than eager to jump off in the springs. There is a monkey who keeps bathing in the springs like it’s his own personal bath tub. The scene was captured when the small monkey was enjoying his bathing in the waters. The conditions around the area are so freezing that the monkeys are now taking refuge of hot springs for eliminating the cold. The secret of the hot springs was discovered by these monkeys around 50 years ago when they noticed some humans doing the same. After that moment, almost all the monkeys take this opportunity with both hands and whenever they see a chance, dive into the waters. The area is so cold that sometimes it’s referred as the “hell valley”.

Smart Japanese Snow Monkeys Smart Japanese Snow Monkeys

Humans also go to this valley and in order to make sure that there are no clashes between humans and the monkeys, there is a special pool made for these species which is away from the place where humans take bath. The Jigokudani Monkey Park is known for its beautiful landscape and waterfalls. It keeps 200 Japanese snow monkeys in its embryo. These monkeys are readymade for such cold conditions, since they possess a skin which is very thick and it protects them from extremely low temperatures. They can withstand a temperature as low as 15 centigrade. However, there are times when the situation gets out of control and it is difficult to stand such temperatures. In such cases, the snow monkeys just dive into the hot water springs in order to keep their body warm.

Smart Japanese Snow Monkeys Smart Japanese Snow Monkeys Smart Japanese Snow Monkeys Smart Japanese Snow Monkeys

The monkeys are very intelligent and they have followed the tactics employed by the humans in order to counter the cold. Sometimes, these monkeys are seen playing with each other by making snow balls. They are a playful bunch of species and keep themselves busy doing one thing or the other.

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