2014 has seen a unique turn in trends with last year’s rejects almost turning into this year’s must haves. This year’s fashion trend has started rolling, bringing along a new chance to update our wardrobes & collection to stay in touch with the fashion’s latest evolution. Staying abreast of the changing fashion and styles constantly is quite hectic, not to mention it’s an expensive hobby. How about we give you this year’s secret evergreen look? So that no matter what your clothes, your shoes or your accessories are, you happen to be in style throughout the year, be it in any season! What’s more, you manage all that in a budget all the while looking smashing.

From accessories to garb to make-up, let’s find out what makes this year tick.

1. White kajal/Kohl:

White kajal/Kohl

If you can’t find a kajal, simply opt for eyeliner. The color white should resemble pure milky white, perhaps with a pearly finish or silver shimmers. Applying white eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger and stand out more. This cosmetic item is not only hot for your eyes but it can double up as a highlighter for brow bone & inner corner highlight giving you a beautiful sheen all the while looking very natural.

2. Coral lipstick

Coral lipstick

Coral is a beautiful shade falling between orange and pink that flatters any skin tone, any look, any dress, any style, any – well, you get the point. It has become a sort of universal color this year for the lips and the market is now flooded with coral lipsticks varying in shades, from light to dark and everything in between. Just see which coral shade compliments your skin tone and start showing off your new self.

3. Metallic nail polish

Metallic nail polish

As if girls lacked shimmer, shine and glimmer in their daily lives, the fashion setters this year have started the metallic nail trend. But luckily for girls, this polish makes the nail super cool looking, almost competing with claws. Go with non-shimmery, plain metallic nail polish as the metallic gleam more than compensates for the lack of glitter.

4. Winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner

This look has been in fashion since ages, and this season, we have seen it as the hottest trend in make-up. You need to use black liquid eyeliner for this and at first attempt you might end up with an incomprehensible ugly, smeared line instead of the fabled wing. But with minor practise (and make up remover), you can soon master this trick to pull off a totally glam look.

5. Nude pumps

Nude pumps

Who needs an introduction to this classic footwear? Everyone knows that buying shoes in a color matching your skin tone can be pulled off on any wear and any occasion. It’s no surprise that these are the hottest trend in footwear this year. Try Googling ‘nude pumps’ and getting a feel for them before purchasing one.

6. Monochrome Dresses

Monochrome Dresses

Be it tops, t-shirts, dresses, tunics or trousers, monochrome is the new style this season. But make sure only one part of your attire is monochrome; that is, don’t wear top and bottom in solid shades. If you go with plain tops than pair them with a light patterned trousers or pair solid hot pants with a patterned top.

These are the hottest trends doing the rounds this year and the above list makes for a complete wardrobe changeover. From make-up to cosmetics to attire, everything you need is catered to, and now you are ready to show off your 2014 style, be it in summer or winter.

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