Self Cleaning Plates Might be the Next Big thing in the Kitchen

Has it ever happened to you that pileups of plates lay in your kitchen when no cleaning lady comes for a couple of days? This situation can be very frustrating for anyone. Imagine the situation when you return home from work, tired and see a huge pile of plates unwashed in the sink. It takes heck of an effort to take your ass to the kitchen and wash them. Washing dishes can really take the toll on a person. This is the very reason why a dishwasher was invented.

Dishwashers have eased the work of the human to a certain extent, however loading and unloading the dishwasher can be a big task. It can be more depressing if the dishwasher is absent from the house and the person has to wash plates by his own. In the recent scenario, a Swedish Design company, Tomorrow design has designed a plate that can be self-cleaned. It has come no less than a gift for the people who hate washing dishes by themselves.

Self Cleaning Plates Might be the Next Big thing in the Kitchen

These plates have brought a revolution in the market and everyone hints on booking these plates in advance. It will reduce a big workload off the user. It is made of cellulose plant pulp. A water repellent coating has been wrapped around it. This coating is found on the leaves of lotus plants. Sometimes, it is often found on elephant’s ear plants and also on butterfly wings. The water repellent nature of these biological structures is attributed to their roughing at a nano scale level.   The adhesion is minimized and droplets are beaded rather than flattening on the surface. It certainly means that the droplets can be rolled off while taking the dirt with them. The coating we are talking about also keeps the plants free of contaminants and thus, protecting them from any disease or parasites.

The cleaning of this plate is not accompanied with any hassles. The food stuff can be just rolled off and it will clean by itself. The plate is manufactured from the cellulose sheet and then converted into a mold establishing the cellulose into a ceramic like hard substance. The plate is as light as ceramic but the only difference is that the plate will not break when it falls down.


There are an ample of advantages associated with this cleansing plate, but it possesses some chronicles too. The biggest problem with the cleansing plate is that the water repellent coating that is equipped on the surface of the plate is not yet approved for food storage. The testing of this coating is still under process and it will aware the users of the fact whether it is safe for keeping food stuff in it or not. This implies to the fact that it might take some time before such plates are seen in the households.

This plate is basically a part of the project under the name Ekoportal 2035. It has been sponsored and commissioned by Swedish Forest industries Federation. They had stimulated companies like Tomorrow Machine and research institute Innventia to produce three products that can be used for future life and that are made up of Swedish forest materials.

This project has been anticipated to be one of the pivotal projects in Sweden and a lot has been expected from the outputs of the project. Apart from the self cleaning plates, the project also focuses on a transparent touch screen manufactured from the nano-cellulose substance and an item that is made of cellulose plastic which can be printed in 3D.

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