The title may sound strange but with the evolution in technology, it is better to believe whatever comes out way. The South Korean phone maker is the one surprising the fans this time. It has claimed to come up with a foldable tablet the next year. It is the first time that some phone maker is making a similar attempt at a foldable screen.

Samsung had earlier made an attempt on flexible display with Galaxy Round. However, it did not garner much news in the media and it could not raise the temperature of its fans. But, the South Korean phone maker did not stop there, it vowed to make something more interesting and if everything goes in place, it may showcase a new tablet with foldable nature. This is one of the most anticipated projects of the South Korean phone maker. Samsung is eyeing on the year 2015 to release its foldable tablet. This would be the first commercial release of the technology that Samsung has been improvising with for a long time now.

Samsung To Stun Its Fans With A Crazy Foldable Tablet Next Year

According to Android Authority, Samsung already registered patents on this technology and hence, we can expect the company to roll out the device that will consist of three different panels and they would be able to fall on each other in order to make the full tablet out of it. When extended to fully, the display could measure somewhere between 8 to 9 inches, which is commendable. It is supposed to fall in the mid sized tablet category comparing with the likes of iPad mini and a standard iPad. Now, we will have to wait and see if the reports surrounding the foldable tablet will actually materialize or not. We just hope for the best.

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