RYNO Motorcycles: A changed formula in Existence, One Wheel at a time

Riding a motorcycle is equipped with enormous excitement and thrill. Ask the people who love to ride a motorcycle and go for long journeys. There is no better friend than a motorcycle for some men. Motorcycles have been existing in the market for over a hundred years but the formula of riding it has remained intact and conventional. However, with the change in science characteristics and evolvement of technology, we are seeing a new unconventional way of riding a bike.

Yes, it is not any fictional story we are blabbering about. In the recent reports, it has been suggested that motorcycles will now run on a totally different and unique formula. It will run on one wheel at a time which is something new to everyone

RYNO Motorcycles: A changed formula in Existence, One Wheel at a time

Chris Hoffmann, who is the maker of RYNO motorcycle has confirmed the story and is very convinced that RYNO motorcycles could bring a revolution in the biking world in the coming years. Now, you must be wondering what exactly is a RYNO and why is it based on one wheel drive? It is nothing but a prototype that has been into the making for a long time now. Seven years is the time that it has taken to be developed, only the idea. It will be a single wheeled vehicle complimented with zero emission and it will be equipped with similar technology as that of Segway.

RYNO Motorcycles: A changed formula in Existence, One Wheel at a time

It is a very interesting story about how the idea of Hoffmann about RYNO motorcycle came into play. He received an inspiration of making such motorcycles from none other than his own daughter. He revealed it in the interview conducted with Gregg Rosenzweig from the Yellow Pages.


Hoffmann stated that his 13 year old daughter saw such a motorcycle that was one wheeled in a video game about 7 years back. She came to him and asked her father to build a similar motorcycle. Hoffmann has been working on the concept for the last 7 years and now finally he is ready with his first design.

The technology that is proposed to be employed in RYNO Motorcycle is still in rues and in the prototype stages but the production of the bike has already started with a bang. It is expected to be manufactured anytime in this year. The cost of the motorcycle is expected to be kept at 5,295 USD in the market. It is expensive because the production facility of the RYNO motorcycle is situated outside the city of Portland, Oregon. Hoffmann is in the process of talks with the dealers around the country so that the customers can come over and try their hand at the most anticipated motorcycles of the year.

Hoffmann’s idea has been pulping in his head for the last seven years and he has been working day and night on it. The derivation of his inspiration from daughter sounds such an interesting story. Let’s wait and see how RYNO fares at the market.

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