Redefining Your Gender on Facebook? Possible

Facebook has been facing the circle of gender politics for quite some time now. In the recent report that was rolled out on Thursday, it has been revealed that the Facebook users will now be able to describe their gender. They can define their gender in the way that they like. In the recent past, users could avail the option of defining themselves as “male” or “female” or “other”. The pronoun that was used to describe the gender landed people in a very awkward situation and hence, an improvement was urgently needed.

There would be an ample of people for whom this gender definition would be of no importance, but for a few of them, it matters to a higher degree. The software engineer of Facebook, Brielle Harrison told the reporters of The Associated press that Facebook had been working on the project since Brielle himself is undergoing a transformation from being a male to a female. Therefore, it is very important for her to change the gender status on Facebook from being “female” to a “TransWoman”.

Redefining Your Gender on Facebook? Possible

The users on Facebook can now either select the genders suggested by Facebook or choose their own version. Here are some of the options available to choose from in Facebook:

Male to Female
Gender questioning
Gender Variant
Gender fluid

The users will also be able to choose the pronoun in which they would like to define their own gender when Facebook refers to you. The options that are available to the user are male (him), female (her) or the neutral gender (them). This is considered to be a great victory for the grammarians all around the world.  You are now enabled to choose the people who are allowed to see your gender identity or you can even keep it as a private business altogether.

Here are some of the steps using which you can define your gender on the most popular social media platform, Facebook:

1. The first step is to click on the “About section” on the profile page of your Facebook account.

Redefining Your Gender on Facebook? Possible

2. Then scroll down before you can spot a section on right side that notifies “Basic Information”. Try clicking on the edit button situated on the top right corner of the box.

Redefining Your Gender on Facebook? Possible

3. When you reach the top of the box, you can view the option enabling you to choose your own gender. Kindly click on it and choose the definition according to your own interest.

Redefining Your Gender on Facebook? Possible

4. Now you can type in whatever option you like. Facebook also generates an auto list of suggestions for the user to help him choose the gender definition.

Redefining Your Gender on Facebook? Possible

5. After you have chosen the preferred gender definition, kindly scroll down to the bottom of the box and click on save button. If you click on the cancel button, you will be directed to the previous page for more detailed gender definition setting.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media website among the people around the world and it keeps evolving. There is much work for facebook to do in this perspective too. For example, there is no option available for the parents to choose their children’s gender as the only options available are “son” or “daughter”.

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