PureBred Vs Mixed Breed Dogs : Which Is Better?

A lot of people contemplate and consider before getting into the whole dog owning business. More often than not, the argument is about whether a mixed breed dog is better than a purely bred one. Well, every coin has 2 sides and just like everything else, this decision also will differ from person to person and from situation to situation. So, what are the difference between a purebred pet and a mixed breed pet?

Pure Breed Vs Mixed Breed Dogs

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Well, the most obvious one is that, the purebred one belongs to the dog and the bitch of the same breed i.e. a terrier that is born of unison of a male terrier and a female terrier is a purebred dog but a terrier born of unison of a bulldog and a terrier is a mixed breed dog. Yes, dogs like human beings come with certification of lineage. There are over a 100 recognized breeds and hence, a potential buyer is indeed spoilt for choice.
bull terrier
Sadly, though, mixed breed dogs are often disrespected and thought of as strays. This is something that needs to change; if one doesn’t tolerate racism against humans, then why dogs? In fact, a lot of mixed breed dogs are mistaken to be purebred.

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Moreover, not all mix breeds are strays. Some of them are intentionally bred. They are known as designer mix breed. There are benefits to this. The positive points of both the breeds are inherited by the offspring. The Puggle which is crossed with the help of a Beagle and a pug is one such instance. There are many such crosses and there has constantly been a creation of newer and newer breeds of dogs.  
Yes, there are advantages of owning purebreds and the foremost is that one can be assured of its individuality and traits through its lineage. One can also come to new conclusions through research. Yet, all dogs of a particular breed have more or less, the same traits. So, if you have a specific type like an active dog, a loyal dog etc. then choosing a purebred dog gives you a lot of surety. For, there will be no unwelcome surprises in case of purebred dogs. Sometimes, dogs are purchased for a purpose like a police dog or a guard will have to be specific. So, again, only a purebred dog will do in such cases.

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Also, one of the biggest advantages of purebred dogs is that you are aware of its lifespan and of the kind of growth it is going to have. Thus, if you have practical difficulties, then they can be taken care of accordingly.
Though uncertainty is one of the biggest disadvantages of mix breed dogs, it can also turn out in your favour. Moreover, surprises, uncertainty and unpredictability are a whole lot of fun. So, a mixed breed may not be that bad an idea. Moreover, a mixed breed dog looks extremely pretty and irresistible at times.
Of course, you need to raise the dog so you need to be very considerate when taking this decision. Hence, it is best that you take stock of all the possibilities. Again, of course, mixed breeds aren’t a bad idea. In fact, they have their own set of advantages.
You will be surprised to know that these dogs are healthier than their precedents. In fact, they will definitely save you frequent trips to the vet. Of course, there is complicated biology behind this but to put it in layman terms, the healthier genes override the weaker ones when it comes to a mixed breed dog. Thus, this ends up deleting a lot of possibility of health issues.

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Also, these dogs are generally found to be quieter and relaxed. You literally get the best of both worlds in this case. So, if you want an active and energetic dog with spots, you know which two breeds to mate in order to get the desired result.
However, practical issues and your way of living will be the key factors in making this decision. So, depending on how you live your day to day life, you will be able to make the decision of what kind of dog to buy. The factors may be –
1. Budget
2. Possible vet trips
3. Area of the house
4. Availability of a play area for the dog
No matter what breed you buy, at the end of the day, a dog is a dog and all of them are going to be loyal and trusted companions. All the same, it is necessary to make the right buy so that you don’t end up frustrating the dog later on.

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