Physical Symptoms of Bullying : Survey

Bullying can be troublesome for a child’s future and his present mind state. There are several signs that point out to the fact that a child is being bullied by various sources. The trouble that the child faces can lead to an unstable future for him. Therefore, these symptoms must be recognized by the parents in order to save him from further exposure to a dangerous act of bullying.

There was a survey conducted in 15 countries where the complaints had been registered about headache, backache, abdominal pain, skin problems, sleeping problems and dizziness. These symptoms were very common among the children who were exposed to the terrifying act of bullying that they faced over the time. The results point to the fact that parents should take serious note of such complaints when they receive from children. If a child is victimized, these are the major signs of bullying that can be noticed by parents or Pediatrics.

Physical Symptoms of Bullying : Survey

These symptoms were long lasting at many occasions. They are accompanied with low self esteem. Such symptoms symbolize the bullying of a child for a long running time and therefore they stayed for longer time. These are considered to be the long term consequences of bullying. It was said by the spokesperson of the Developmental and Social Psychology department at the University of Padua, Italy. Suicide is the highest degree of a consequence that was seen in the case of bullying. However, suicide is a sudden consequence and many children face problems that arise off bullying for a long period of time.

A data from 30 studies was reviewed which included the case of children who were being bullied and the ones who were not bullied. All these studies were sent for a comparison to bring out conclusions. These studies also included adolescent children. The studies were taken as a measure to calculate the victimization levels of children as they were reported by children themselves or their parents. The bullied children were more likely to report their physical weakness to the parents rather than telling the story of bullying. Children are generally reluctant in sharing their thoughts with their parents but when they suffer some physical problem, they report it.  Boys are more likely to suffer physical symptoms on bullying as compared to girls. The study has proved this point.

Another study proved the point that the school with majority of boys is more prone to bullying than the ones with equal proportion of boys and girls. In such schools, no children come out in rescue of the other classmates who are being beaten or being bullied by others.

Dr. Stephen Leff, the co-director of the Violence Prevention Initiative said that “Its not surprising but very well researched”. Leff added to the conversation that the difference in the gender can be explained with aggressive and reckless attitude of boys as compared to girls. The physical violence is witnessed very less in the case of girls as they are generally seen gossiping and leaving out rather than opting for physical violence. This is the major reason why boys are victimized with bullying more often than women. Dr. Stephen Leff applauded the work of surveyors and added that more efforts must be made for the development of such studies.

However, not every child comes up with such symptoms and not every child that possesses such problems has ever been bullied in his life once. Therefore, the studies partly explain the reason for symptoms but not wholly. However, knowing the symptoms of bullying is very important for the parents and guardians to keep a check on their children being bullied in the school or any other junctions. The parents must pay attention to these symptoms and take them as the worrying signs for the treatment given to their children at public places. Sometimes kids are vulnerable to discuss their problems with parents, or even with their classmates or schoolmates. The teachers must also keep a check on the physical symptoms of kids that could lead them to its cure. Many children face bullying in one form or other in school and other places and it influences their life deeply, hence, in order to avoid such situation, parents must keep a look at the symptoms seriously.


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