Nutritionist reveals "How Drinking Fruit Juice Is The Fastest Way To Gain Weight"

The people enrolled in a weight loss program always prefer to drink juice. They have lived in a myth that juices help them reduce their waistline. However, the new studies have revealed that a glass of juice enables the person to consume more than 150 calories in one in-take. Adding to this fact, there is fiber content present in juices and therefore the sugar present in them can be absorbed by the body quickly. The higher amounts of sugar inside the body can never help the weight loss cause. Apart from Juices, olive oil can also increase the body weight of the person to a high extent. Although, the health benefits of olive oil have been approved by the medical institutions and experts but its effects on human body weight cannot be ignored. A teaspoon of olive oil can deliver more than 50 calories to a normal human being. This is really a high amount of calories that are ingested by the person and it can lead to serious weight gains. Another study has revealed that products with tag “low fat yogurt” and biscuits are studded with more calories than original ones.

How Drinking Fruit Juice Is The Fastest Way To Gain Weight

Drinking juices has remained to be the most popular myth among weight losers. However, apart from juice diet there are some other food items that are considered to possess low fat and fewer calories, like brown bread or smoothies. These food items do not help the cause of reducing the waistline; instead they make you fatter. The concept of wholesome eating thus also remains a myth. However, these options are very healthy in nature but they have a direct connection with weight gain and the people cutting down on weight and fat must not consider them, a diet expert at TESCO stated.

The list of weight enhancing foods includes juice, olive oil, granola, chicken, dried fruits, nuts and low fat biscuits. A nutritionist at TESCO, Catherine Matthews concluded that veggie or fruit smoothies are considered to be laden with vitamins and minerals but actually they are stuffed with a great amount of sugar. The sugar content present in these smoothies is more than a fizzy drink. Hence, more sugar means more weight gain; therefore these smoothies must be avoided by the person looking to cut down his weight. For an instance, a smoothie  offered at Tesco promises to  be the right texture of pineapple juice, banana juice and mango, but it also possesses 15.7 gram of sugar in 100 mL as compared to 10.6 gram in 100 mL Coke. It is a shocking fact and discourages many people to rely on smoothies for losing weight.

Olives have always been considered a healthy option and people thus use it on everything, whether pasta or salad. However, Miss Matthews, a renowned nutritionist has revealed that a tea spoon of olive oil which is considered to be a Mediterranean delight contains 50 calories. Though it’s very healthy to consume olive oil, but the health conscious people must contain the quantity of oil they consume.

Many nutritionists have warned the health conscious people to stay away from honey as well, because it contains sugar. Drinking juice is considered to be the easiest way of gaining weight in quick time. It rings the alarm for weight conscious people. Another fact that adds to the woes is that a glass of juice can be consumed much faster than a glass of coke. Hence people consume 150 calories in a faster manner than drinking coke.

Apart from juices, the low fat yogurt, biscuits and other eatables also have an elevated level of calories. They are high in sugar content because the manufacturers of such eatables add sugar to them when fat is removed. This is done in order to maintain the flavor intact.  Chicken is also shockingly included in the list of harmful eatables for weight losers. However, chicken is considered to be one of the best alternative for red meat, it depends on how the chicken in cooked. When it is fried, the calorie count in it increases to 100-300. This is a high calorie count and can prove to be harmful for the people who intend to lose weight.

Alerted by the harmful effects of juices, the British Dietetic Association has led a revolution against juice. They claim that making of a juice removes the essential nutrients that otherwise exist in a fruit or vegetable. Hence, the objective of organization is to prevent people from ingesting juice and concentrate more on eating raw vegetables and fruits. Adding to the fact, if juices are consumed for a long period of time, they can prove to be quite acidic for the person. There are high chances for the enamel to be damaged in case of consuming juice for regular intervals. The processed info about such unhealthy foods was delivered to the people who are a part of Tesco membership.

The people who tend to lose weight must live on foods like eggs as they let you stay full for a longer time than usual foods. A diet full of fruits and vegetables is also recommended to the people who are looking to lose weight. This diet must be paired with the consumption of water at the regular intervals. Hence, juices and other harmful eatables must be avoided in order to reduce weight and stay healthier.

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