Nokia To Announce Its Android Phone This Month

Nokia has had a long term association with the Windows OS but looking at the growing popularity of the Android OS, it has decided to launch an android phone later this month. According to the report of Wall Street Journal, Nokia is about to unravel its “Normandy” phone at the Mobile World Congress at the end of the month. The other reports suggest that the first android phone of Nokia will utilize a forked version of Google’s OS.

The effort that is made by Nokia can be compared to that of Amazon  which is known for its range of kindle tablets. Nokia is looking to integrate the Microsoft services also in the device. There will be a special app store that will house some of the incredible android app that exist in the market.

Nokia To Announce Its Android Phone This Month

There is a press event scheduled by Nokia at the end of this month at Mobile World Congress that is to be conducted in Barcelona. This news was first hinted under the column “meet us under the tree”. Besides that, the Finnish phone maker had previously hinted on the release of an upcoming windows phone in the market.  However, Verge has confirmed that Nokia is not looking to continue its ties with Windows OS for a long time, since it does not see any future in it. The growing demand of Android phones has intrigued Nokia to announce an android phone in the name “Normandy” at the market.

There are rumors that the Normandy phone will be named as “Nokia X” the moment its shipping begins. There is a lack of Google Play store access on the Android phone of Nokia. However, the company is planning to pay an amount to Microsoft in order to avail its apps on its forked version of Android phone. So, this will be an android phone with the Windows UI.

There had been leaked rumors previously that the Nokia’s android phone will possess a Windows phone like user interface and it has been  confirmed by many digital magazines. It is expected to run apps like Skype, Twitter, Vine, Facebook and BBM on it. Some pictures have been leaked over the internet and they are considered to be the ones of “Normandy” phone. According to the pictures, the handset looks more similar to that of Nokia’s low end windows phone devices. Microsoft has kept its strategy of targeting low cost with its phones. In the same cycle, Nokia has also decided to focus more on the low end specifications that will be targeted to the low range users. The features are most likely to be the same as of a low end Windows phone. It will be equipped with 4 GB of storage space and 512 MB of RAM.

Nokia’s Mobile world Congress is about to take place on 24 February 2014 and there is a huge buzz associated with the new android phone by the Finnish phone maker. The curtains will be raised on 24th Feb.

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