Most Wanted Criminals Across The World

There are some criminals who operate on smaller scale of evil, while there are some who create history with the gravity of their crime. These criminals are one of the most wanted ones in the world. Here is the list of most wanted criminals in the world:


1. Victor Manuel Gerena:

Victor Manuel Gerena stands tall on the list of FBI’s most wanted. He was born in New York in 1958. He allegedly robbed a bank and then took two guards as hostage while escaping from the scene. He also injected an unknown substance in their body which made them disabled. Victor has been topping the most wanted charts from the year 1983 but he has not been captured yet. According to the reports, FBI has announced price money of $ 1000,000 for the person giving important info regarding this person.

Victor Manuel Gerena


2. Glen Stewart Godwin:

Glen had been added in the FBI most wanted list in the year 1996. He allegedly murdered a person and as a consequence, he was serving a jail sentence in California. He escaped the jail and again captured on the grounds of drug trafficking. He was again successful in breaking the prison in 1991. He made this possible after the murder of one of the jail inmate. FBI has fixed a price of $100,000 for the person who informs about this person to the police. Glen lives the reputation of a heinous criminal who can be extremely harmful when needed. He sits at the number 2 spot in our list of most wanted criminals across the world.

Glen Stewart Godwin


3. Robert William “Bobby” Fisher:

Fisher is accused of the murder of his own wife and two children. After murdering his wife and children, he blew the entire house. After committing the crime, he fled to an unknown place. Since then, he has remained on the FBI’s list of most wanted. The reason for the murder is cited to be his wife’s intentions for filing a divorce.

Robert William “Bobby” Fisher


4. Jason Derek Brown:

Jason Brown is alleged for a murder and armed robbery in the land of Phoenix, Arizona. It was in the month of November in 2004 that he shot a car guard and fled with a cash of $56,000 in his bag. FBI has set up the reward price for his capture at $200,000. He rests at the fourth place in our list of most wanted criminals.

Jason Derek Brown


5. Fidel Urbina:

Fidel Urbina is alleged for raping a woman in March 1998 and beating her mercilessly. This was just the beginning as he committed a similar crime in October 1998 where he strangled a woman after raping her. These crimes had been committed in the land of Chicago. Fidel Urbina is expected to be residing in Durango, Mexico. However, he is on the run and there is no concrete knowledge about the whereabouts of this criminal. For the gravity of his crime and the non captured run, Fidel Urbina rests at the fifth place in our list of most wanted criminals.

Fidel Urbina

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