Most Cruel and Dangerous Countries for Women

Women have been vested with equal powers and social status with men in the current society but there are still some countries where women are considered inferior to men in many ways than not. This trend is carried on for generations and in some of the countries, it has reached an optimum level of scare. These nations are not considered pleasant for the women to live. In the last decade, countries like Afghanistan have been synonymous to cruelty and injustice towards women. The Malala case shook the world and it raises more eye-brows over the security and freedom of women in some of the rare nations around the world. Here is the list of most cruel and dangerous countries for women:

1. Afghanistan:

The first thought that comes with the name of Afghanistan is destruction, inequality and evil forces. For a long time, the land of Afghanistan had been doomed by the Taliban forces. In their rule, the women were not allowed to get educated, there was no freedom of speech, they could not freely roam in the market, and they could not show the face to men. Apart from these restrictions, there were cases when Taliban men used to beat them. However, the Taliban rule is history now, but the air in Afghanistan is still very uncomfortable for the women to live. The recent case that reflected the cruelty of this nation was the assassination attempt on a 16 year old girl, Malala Yousafzai. She was accused of delivering negative verdicts to the media about Taliban. She also maintained a blog where she mentioned the atrocities faced by women under the Taliban rule. Such behavior was criticized by some of the Taliban leaders and they ordered the killing of this small innocent girl. The assassination attempt was widely condemned by most of the powerful nations. Due to many other atrocities faced by women in this country, Afghanistan is certainly the most cruel and dangerous countries for women to live.

Afghanistan women

2. Congo:

The most serious concern about women in life is her sexual security. In a country like Congo, the rape rate is registered at 48 rapes an hour which implies to 420,000 rapes a year. This is an alarming fact and reflects the insecurity that women live with in this country. Congo ranks at the top of the world in terms of sexual abuse and violence. According to the figures, Congo is the most unsafe country for women to live.

congo women abuse

3. Pakistan:

Pakistan has always been infamous for the inequality offered to women in terms of political, legal and economic grounds. In this country, the pay scale of women is relatively lesser than their male counterparts. This trend is experienced in almost all the parts of the country and it has become a serious concern for the women organizations. Apart from inequality in jobs, the women also face the evil of child marriage and forced wedding. Around 1200 women are killed every year in the name of honor killing. The domestic violence is also another factor why Pakistan is considered to be one of the dangerous countries for women to live.

Pakistan women abuse

4. India:

In the last decade, India has promoted its women in all sectors of growth, being it engineering, medical services, etc. A living example of women empowerment in India is the Chief Minister of Delhi state, Sheela Dixit. There are several women who are influential in terms of political state. However, the incident that largely blotted the image of India as a safe country for women was the Delhi case. A few months back, a girl was brutally raped in Delhi and left with severe wounds right in the center of the city. This incident happened right in the city center and the authorities were helpless. According to the reports, the rape cases are quite common in the Indian rural areas. Although, the situation has improved after the Delhi case, but it might take some more time for the situation to heal completely. India is certainly the fourth most dangerous country for the women to live.

Damini rape case

5. Somalia:

Somalia is infamous for female genital mutilation and child marriage. Rapes are also a common feature in the country. The lack of adequate education worsens the scenario and women face inequalities in all fields of the society. According to the reports, around 95 percent of the women in Somalia are subjected to genital mutilation. The age that is common for this heinous crime is between four and eleven. This is a horrible practice promoted by the people of Somalia. It is one of the only countries where female genital mutilation is practiced and backed. Such heinous practices against women in Somalia, makes it the most cruel and dangerous country for women to live in a prosperous manner.

Somalia women abuse

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