Mexico Declared To Be The Father Of Chilli

It has been a matter of serious discussion where an ample of countries were declaring their role in bringing out chilli to the world market. However, the researchers have finally declared Mexico as the father of the fiery hot crop. They have been tracing the evolution that took place in farming and hence entered into a decision. According to the facts, domesticated chilli pepper is wide grown crop in the world. The birthplace of chilli has been pointed out as Central East Mexico. This region was responsible for giving birth to the domesticated chilli pepper, which is one of the best sellers in the world market.

There were a lot of methods that were used to point out the area of Mexico to be responsible for inception of the spice, chilli. The area extends from Southern Puebla and Northern Oaxaca and runs until South Eastern Veracruz. The investigation for the same was done by an international team of researchers from all around the world. They considered the linguistic, ecological and traditional evidence along with the generic data to reach the conclusion. With the help of these aspects, the birthplace of domesticated chilli pepper was able to be traced.

Mexico Declared To Be The Father Of Chilli

The researchers have come out to the conclusion that the region that extends from Puebla to Southern Veracruz is more towards the south than it was previously held to be.  The areas of origin are quite different from these areas as they were popular for common bean and corn that were domesticated in Western Mexico. Dr. Paul Gepts, who is the study leader of the search for birthplace of chilli stated that “knowing the origins of chilli pepper is not just for the academic use. We are trying to get to the acestry of the plant and this is how we will be able to track the genetic evolution that took place and how the agriculture of the region evolved. This would also give us a clue about the human evolution that took place thousands of years ago”.

The information will help the researchers and the scientists to actually work for the genetic conservation programs and encourage the breeding programs. These factors will be very important to deal with the climate change and other problems faced by the world at the moment. This will also possibly solve the food problems around the world. The co-author of the study, Dr. Gary Nabhan who is also an ethnbiologist and agroecologist at the University of Arizona has stated that “It is basically the first research that has worked on integrating several evidence in order to find out the evolution of this most popular spice and where it was first domesticated. This will prove to be the first study in the world to predict the first cultivators of a crop in the world”.

In order to know the origins of a crop, the scientists have studied the genetic make up of plants in the geographical areas where the diversity of crop’s wild ancestors was very high. The process of determining the crop origins included the study of genetic makeup of plants in the geographical areas where the diversity of crop’s wild ancestors was very high. In the recent times, the scientists have also tested the archaeological remains of the plants that have been found, including the ones which were pollen and starch grains. These also included the mineralized plant secretions.

The researchers were pushed to two traditional approaches for the study of chilli pepper. However, they also took into account the historical languages that looked into the linguistic evidence about the existence of a cultivated pepper. A model has been developed by the scientists showing the distribution of plant species. This model was used for the prediction of areas that are suitable for the growth of chilli pepper and its wild ancestors.

Dr. Gepts told the media that according to the genetic evidence, the interest was going towards the north eastern Mexico because it was chilli pepper’s area of domestication but the other evidences made it clear that the central east region of Mexico was the real origin area of Chilli. The studies have been published in the journal proceedings of the National Academy of sciences online.

The research is expected to serve the scientists with enough data to work out the human evolution and bring out the undiscovered facts about the same. It could solve many problems that the world is facing these days including climate change and the lack of food for people in several countries. The scientists are said to use these evidences to trace back the time when the human evolution was at its peak and squeeze out the conclusions which are vital for their further study. We will have to wait and see how this research will help the scientists in the longer run.

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