Men’s Accessories Trends 2013: Key Items to look Cool

Men’s style and fashion wear makes as much of an impact as their counterparts, women’s do. No man dares party without sporting that casual, classy look coupled with a stylish shirt completed by a pair of the most fashionable pair of jeans. Despite all the styles, men often do forget to accessorize themselves. No, no one’s talking about headbands and earrings and pencil heels; these help women look pretty, not men look trendy. It’s the men’s accessories being mentioned here which even those promoting (and creating) men’s fashion tend to forget.

Men’s accessories don’t serve to make a man girly or cutesy. On the contrary, they add to the already masculine contours and help with the flow; or make for an eye grabber, which is really essential if you want to stand out in a crowd. Take a look at these items which will not only make their way to your wardrobe collection, but will help you make your way to the spotlight (translated as the center of attention).

So, get ready to check the ways and means to make yourself manlier and handsome while still keeping your dear wallet intact.


Tote or messenger bags were in impressive circulation the last I checked for fashion updates, but recently (this summer to be specific) backpacks have taken up the center stage.  Whether you are put walking your dog or on a date, just casually sling a bag on your shoulder for an added style. Make sure the bag has a nice combination of eye catching print with subtle colors. A bland or plain backpack with dull colors doesn’t stand out much; much less help you stand out.



With the scorching heat furthering every moment, the sun could prove brutal to all. What better way to save your preciously styled hair and your face from sun burn than by wearing a cap? And luckily, the hat wears are in style with celebrities being spotted wearing them at occasions. From the Panama hat to baker boy’s cap and something mild in between, you can keep your head cool while shining with class & distinction.

Caps Caps

Shades or Sunglasses:

How can a summer be complete without these? These help protect your eyes from the harsh sun glares. But who really cares about that, right? The totally cool thing with the shades is the degree of the coolness it adds to one’s image; provided the shades are pulled off in a proper way.

Shades or Sunglasses

This summer, the craze is for slightly curved glasses, for instance round. Don’t go for rough edges. As for the tint, choose one that flows well with your skin color.

Ties & bows:

The ever annoying & suffocating ties and neck bows. But the important part is that these too happen to make a fashion impact. One can go elegant looking from shabbily dressed in an instant; all that’s required is to wear your tie properly. For ties, go for simple and faded colors; nothing bright or bold because you need one that helps the flow of your attire, not grabs attention from it. Bow should be simple and bold.

Ties & bows

Wrist watch:

True, who would want a watch when we have mobiles, right? But a watch helps add a subtle and sleek touch to any look. For instance, if you are out trekking or camping, a sports watch would look great on your wrist; at the same time, an elegant chain watch would look appropriate in dinner parties. A fun, colorful watch would make your funky attire in a party even more of an eye catcher. You don’t have to spend big on these watches. Just get those which look stylish and not too expensive so that you can afford more than one.

Trendy Pen:

You won’t be using this pen much. Its main function is to grab eyes, and help you land in a girl’s radar when she asks if someone has a pain and you happen to have a big, stylish, colorful eye catching pen. Just stick it in your shirt pocket or your jeans/trousers pocket to add a cool effect.

Key ring:

If you find an eccentric and catchy key chain, buy it! It makes for a statement of its own, whether attached to the bike’s ignition or while inconspicuously-not-so-accidently hanging from you trousers’ pocket. It helps distinguish you from all those people happening to wear trousers just like yours (which is so infuriating).]

Cell Phones:

Yea, no one would forget this. So all I’m going to say is that try buying a mobile with customizable body. It helps add fun to it.

Some of these items may seem random, but honestly, they help add style! And more ever, they make a unique you present a unique you. Just try and sample with these accessories and make an effort to make sure these go with the attire you have chosen. Perfection (or an attempted perfection) helps you go a long trendy way.

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