Meat-Eaters Are Expected To Have A Better Quality Life Than Vegetarians

It is certainly a very debatable subject. People have contradicting views about the subject. However, in the latest research has suggested that Vegetarians have a poorer quality of life when compared to that of the non-vegetarians. The vegetarians are seen to be contacting the doctors more often than not. Allergies and other problems surround the vegetarians and its usually not the case with non-vegetarians.

The risk of a heart attack is as big as 50 percent in case of vegetarians and they are also prone to cancer disease. Depression and anxiety disorders are also some of the characteristics of being a veggie. However, it is found out that the veggies are far more active than the non-vegetarians since they don’t drink or smoke.

It is a common stereotype among people that vegetarians are far more healthier than non-vegetarians. It is the surge of Yoga and other practices that gives more confidence to the vegetarians. Doing so, they neglect the problems that are caused with the veggie diet. The vegetarian people are seen to be visiting doctors more often than the non vegetarian people. Mental health problems and allergies are common issues with the vegetarians. Depending on their diet, they can have various type of diseases which is not seen in the case of a non-vegetarian person.

Meat-Eaters Are Expected To Have A Better Quality Life Than Vegetarians

The non meat eaters have a risk of 50 percent when it comes to heart attacks and cancer, along with other diseases. CBS Atlanta has reported these facts and it has surprised many than not. The vegetarians are also prone to get depression and anxiety spells which is not usually the case with the meat eaters. The University of Graz, Austria has however revealed that vegetarians can be healthier in some ways since they tend to more active due to non addiction to smoking and alcohol.

Meat-Eaters Are Expected To Have A Better Quality Life Than Vegetarians

The people who consume lesser alcohol are taken to be more active as compared to the people who do. These people do not even smoke and that’s why they have lower BMI’s. The people who are having a high socio centered status in the society also tend to be vegetarians.

The research that has inked down the results recently has contradicted the fact that red meat is responsible for many problems, including the bowel cancer. All this has been ridiculed by the new report and people who eat meat are called to be healthier than the ones who don’t. However, a lot of contradictions have arisen due to it and experts are asking the researchers to consider their studies again and inspect their findings.

One of the researchers has revealed that one study has shown that the Austrian adults who keep on a vegetarian diet tend to be unhealthier than the ones who don’t. These adults also have a low quality of life where they require immense medical treatments to keep their body in order. The health benefits of eating meat are glorified in the research conducted recently.

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