Maria Jose Cristerna From Mexico Transforms Herself Into a Woman Vampire

Another case of weird makeover has surfaced the world recently. A Mexican lawyer has transformed her look into a Vampire lady. This is one the weirdest transformations that has ever taken place. The body modification featured titanium horns that were injected into the head of the Mexican lady. She is now into the avatar of a vampire lady and there is no doubt about the magnificence of this makeover.

The name of the lady who went through this transformation is Maria Cristerna. She was born into a religious family in Mexico. Maria Cristerna who has turned 35 this year has devoted the whole body of hers to tattoos. All her body from head to toes is covered with tattoos. For the Woman vampire look that she boasts, Maria Cristerna had to go through some dental work. Not only did she go through the dental work but titanium thorns have been inserted into her head. Maria is mothering four children at the moment and she holds conversations with the women who suffer from domestic abuse.

Maria Jose Cristerna pics Vampire women

Maria Cristerna is popularly known as the vampire lady in the whole of Mexico. People sometimes get frightened with her look when she walks on streets. As a result, people tend to take a different street to hers in order to culminate their fright.

When Maria Cristerna was interviewed, she described herself to be very different right from the childhood. She is a former lawyer who has recently turned into a video jockey. Maria Cristerna was brought up in the Guadalajara town of Mexico which is one of the most notorious towns of Mexico. There is a strong gang culture in the town and many women suffer from different sorts of abuse. Maria Cristerna also went through a difficult phase in her life by being a victim of domestic abuse.


Maria Cristerna has defied all the logics by becoming the first ever vampire lady of the world. She had always been determinant about what she wanted to do and nothing every stopped her from what she wanted to achieve in her life. She has strong looks that can intrigue anyone who catches her eye. Apart from the video jockey job that she has taken up, she also hears to the problems of domestic violence from the women who suffer from ordeals. She serves the ladies of her own city. Since Maria Cristerna had been facing many ordeals in her domestic life, she aims on eliminating such violence from her city.

The noble nature of Maria Cristerna that usually attracts many people is quite contradictory to her looks. On one hand, she resembles a vampire woman and on the other hand, she spends time listening to the problems of women and rectifying them with all her efforts. Apart from her charitable concerns, Maria is a professional video jockey as well. She travels the world playing tunes with her close friend and DJ partner, Gia Sanchez.

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One of the closest friend of Maria revealed to the reporters that when the makeover and the transformation was new, people used to make cross gestures to Maria thinking that she was a devil or that she was possessed by a spirit. This made the life of Maria even more difficult in the regular life. People were straight away intimidated by Maria from the moment they checked her out. The presence of Maria on the streets would send chills down their spine and they would react quite differently to her. People sometimes even thought that she was on some kind of crazy drugs. However, the situation has changed entirely now. After Maria gained popularity, people meet her with utmost respect and sometimes even kiss her hand while greeting her. Some people take on prayers when she is around as if they worship her. Some believe that she possesses some powers that are working on the noble cause.

Maria is attending a tattoo convention in Vienna, Austria right now. She has gone there to spend the weekend and when interviewed Maria said that she is trying to express beauty through her art. She wants the world to see the beauty in her art.  She also claimed that God resides in her soul and she should be judged by her actions and not on how she looks like. Appearance is just temporary, but a noble soul always remains high in attention. People usually judge her according to her looks, but she claims that she is totally an opposite person and people should not tag her as the product of her appearance. She aims on changing the world by doing noble deeds, especially for women. She said that every women should have the power to look the way she wants to, work the way she wants to and to be treated the way she wants to.


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